Duden Waterfalls Antalya Offers Fun in a Cool Day

Duden Waterfalls Antalya

Everyone loves Antalya, but have you ever visited the Upper or Lower Duden Waterfalls in the city centre? You most likely did not! The Duden Waterfalls Antalya are part of Antalya’s natural grandeur, and they are nearly in the city centre. As a result, you can easily visit them in a short amount of time. But first, let me say that they are not comparable to Niagara Falls, but they are well worth seeing. The majority of Antalya residents appreciate the beauty of the Duden Waterfalls on a daily basis.

The Duden Waterfalls can be seen in two different locations along the Duden Stream. The Lower Duden Waterfall is accessible to the south of the Antalya International Airport, where the Duden Stream joins the Mediterranean Sea, while the Upper Duden Waterfall is situated to the northeast of the city centre, Dudenbasi district (Mahalle). The distance between these two waterfalls is approximately 16 kilometres. You can begin with the upper and work your way down.

Upper Duden Waterfall Antalya

Duden Waterfalls Antalya.

The Upper Duden Waterfall, nestled on the Duden River 10 kilometres north of the city centre, is practically heavenly. The Upper Duden Waterfall, also known as Alexander Falls, is 10 kilometres from the city centre. The waterfall’s paradise-like surroundings is lush with greenery. The source of the 20-meter-high waterfall is 22 kilometres away in the Kirkgoz region. Under the waterfall, you may observe carved tombs in the rocks.

The caves beneath the waterfall are worth viewing. Another water source can be found at the bottom of the hill, where a waterfall falls. The waterfall’s surroundings have been created as a picnic place. The modes of transportation to Duden Waterfall Antalya are public buses and minibuses.

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Lower Duden Waterfall Antalya

Duden Waterfalls Antalya Turkey

On the way to Lara, Lower Duden Waterfall is located 8 kilometres from the city centre, near to Karpuzkaldiran Beach. This magnificent waterfall is created by Duden Creek, and its drop height is bigger than the upper waterfall, plummeting 40 metres into the sea in spectacular water clouds. When viewed through the Genclik Park nearby, the panorama appears to be a painting. If you have the opportunity, we recommend watching the dropping waters from a boat out at sea.

Duden Waterfalls Map

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How to Get to the Duden Waterfalls?

Duden Waterfalls Antalya

If you have your own car or have rented one, simply put the above address into your GPS and drive straight to one of the waterfalls. If you’re seeking for a public transportation option, you’re in luck. The Antray T3 line can take you to the Upper Duden Waterfall. The tram station is not directly adjacent to the waterfall’s entrance, although it is relatively close. The Selale tram station, which is located on Suleyman Demirel Avenue, is where you must exit.

You only have to walk about a kilometre from the Selale tram station. Trams in Antalya run from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., with short intervals during rush hours. The quickest and most convenient method to get to the Lower Duden Waterfall is to take the tram from Selale Station. After boarding an Antray T3 tram line, exit at Yesilirmak station, which is 8 stops away. When you exit the tram, proceed to the bus stop. Take the FL82 Bus Line and get out at the stop. Duden Park and Waterfall welcomes you! Enjoy!

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