The Splendor of Dogancay Waterfall in Sakarya, Turkey

Natural waterfalls may be found across Turkey, and both locals and tourists enjoy visiting them for a refreshing vacation. Turkey is unique due to the mesmerizing sound of the water pouring amid the gorgeous mountains. Trekkers, environment enthusiasts, and tourists will find some of the majestic waterfalls in Turkey to be a dream. In this blog, we’re going to spotlight Dogancay waterfall.

The Splendor of Dogancay Waterfall in Sakarya, Turkey

Doançay Waterfall is a waterfall in Sakarya Province in northwest Turkey (Turkish: Doançay elalesi). It is a recognised national natural monument. The waterfall is situated in Sakarya Province’s Geyve district’s Maksudiye village. It is located 10 km (6.2 mi) from the Sakarya-Bilecik route and 35 km (22 mi) from Adapazar.

The Ministry of Forest and Water Management’s Nature Reserve and Nature Parks Administration registered the waterfall and its surrounds, which total 42.33 da (4,556 sq ft), as a national natural monument on May 13, 2013.

Dogancay Waterfall in Sakarya

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Dogancay Waterfall, located 600 metres above sea level and accessible by a hiking trail, is one of nature’s hidden beauties in Sakarya’s Geyve region. It is a natural masterpiece for tourists who enjoy exploring the region’s stunningly unspoiled natural beauty.

You can use the Adapazar-Bilecik route to get to Dogancay Waterfall from Bilecik; from Dogancay Junction, turn onto the road that leads to the waterfall; and when you get to Dogancay Village, climb up to the waterfall.

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