Where to Enjoy a Day Trip Boating in Turkey

Taking a boat excursion along Turkey’s brilliant sapphire beaches is one of the most exhilarating and pleasurable experiences the country has to offer. While a weeklong trip along Turkey’s blue coast is undoubtedly the most ideal way to travel, don’t be put off by the expenses or obligations; almost all of Turkey’s vacation spots offer daily boat cruises to gorgeous coves, mud spas, deserted islands, and even ancient ruins. A visiting foreigner may find it scary to board a boat and be taken away to sea for the day with a group of unusual faces. Here is how you can relish a day trip boating in Turkey.

day trip boating in Turkey

When it comes to enjoying a day trip boating in Turkey, as a visiting foreigner, you have two options: arrange a privately planned excursion or get on an already scheduled daily boat tour. The first choice is perfect for visiting friends and family in large groups. However, take in mind that many boats would have been pre-booked during peak season. My mother and other seasoned expats will have their own personal favourite boat charter and will be able to book their daytrip boat trips months in advance.

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Occasionally, expats may advertise private boat trips on social media platforms, making it easy to join and assure that there will be other English speakers on board. The cost of a privately chartered boat is usually set, and the money is split among the passengers, so the more the merrier and more inexpensive. But, don’t worry; while boating may appear to be a luxury, it is a very affordable and accessible hobby in Turkey.

Where to Enjoy a Day Trip Boating in Turkey

Which leads me to the hundreds and thousands of daily boat trips, the routes and expenses of which have been pre-determined and will whisk you away on an adventure equipped with a full barbecue buffet spread for a fixed charge, often between TL 100 and TL 200 TL ($11-$20). The lunch supplied on these daytrips can be a major lure because it usually consists of grilled meats and a broad selection of Turkish salads and condiments. The gastronomic delicacies provided on board have grown so synonymous with sailing expeditions that racing events like the annual Bodrum Cup, which takes place this week, will feature distinct competitions dedicated just to the culinary specialties prepared on board.

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When it comes to enjoying a day trip boating in Turkey, in actual honesty, it is uncommon to board a fully rigged sailboat in these situations, as they are typically reserved for overnight and weeklong journeys and, of course, are subject to the direction of the wind. The boats used for these excursions are almost always “Gulets,” which are double-masted wooden sailboats with plenty of seating and lounging room. These boats are unique to Turkey, particularly Bodrum, and were designed in this manner to make it more pleasant for the tourists who boarded them.

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