Artvin Province: A Dreamland for Nature-lovers

Artvin province: When most people think of Turkey, they think of the country’s long-loved southern regions, the breathtaking Aegean and Mediterranean shores, with their stunning beaches, valleys, and historical landmarks. Everyone should, without a sure, pay a visit to those locations at least once in their lives. Nevertheless, not everyone is aware that Turkey’s north, particularly the Black Sea region, has plenty to offer travellers, particularly in terms of emerald colours that promise to fill your lungs with oxygen, transport you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and bring you to the heart of nature.

Artvin Province A Dreamland for Nature-lovers

The Artvin province is one of the Black Sea region’s treasures. Artvin has long been a popular location for true adventurers and environment enthusiasts, thanks to its steep mountains, crater lakes, emerald green woods, waterfalls, and wildlife. With mountains ranging as high as 4,000 metres (13,000 feet) and rock formations carved by one of Turkey’s longest rivers, this mystical country mesmerises travellers.

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Best of Artvin Province

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Artvin province is renowned for a few things: its people, its natural surroundings, and, of course, its cuisine. In the region, the Caucasian and Black Sea civilizations are prevalent. Arvin is home to the Laz, Kipchaks, and Muslim Georgians who relocated to the city during the Turkish War of Independence when the northern borders were drawn. Because the region’s diverse cultures have naturally resulted in a rich culinary legacy, the first piece of advice is to try as many traditional foods as possible.

Artvin’s greatest tourist appeal, though, is undeniably its natural beauty. Alternative tourism activities such as camping, skiing, jeep safaris, rafting, and canoeing are attractive since nature is such an important aspect of the Artvin province, both geographically and culturally.

Visitors can choose a variety of trekking trails to learn more about the area. Mount Kaçkar, one of Turkey’s tallest peaks, is undoubtedly the most sought-after trekking route. By going through Yusufeli Yaylalar village to Rize – the amlhemşin Ayder highlands – mountaineering groups and mountaineers complete the Trans-Kaçkar route. You can take a variety of different ways through the Altparmak Mountains if that trek is too challenging.

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During the region’s open season, hunting is also permitted. Visiting hunters, on the other hand, are encouraged to hire a local guide to prevent getting lost in Artvin’s dense forests.

How to Get to Artvin Province

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Artvin, on the Georgian border, is easily accessible by plane from most Turkish cities, such as Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara. Driving to Artvin could be difficult, as it would take more than 20 hours from Istanbul, for instance. The most convenient alternative is to fly to Artvin airport and then rent a car there.

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