Guinness Contender: Camas Canyon, Turkey’s Longest Stream Canyon

The longest stream canyon in Turkey, Çamaş Canyon, is getting ready to become a hub for health, wellness, and water therapy tourism as well as outdoor activities. Mahmut Ayparça, the mayor of Çamaş, stated that the canyon is a Guinness World Record contender.

Guinness Contender Camas Canyon, Turkey's Longest Stream Canyon

Open to tourists is the 25-kilometer portion of the 4-kilometer-long canyon in Ordu’s Çamaş district.

Çamaş Canyon, Turkey’s longest stream canyon, is preparing to become a center for outdoor recreation, health, wellness, and water therapy tourism. Çamaş’s mayor, Mahmut Ayparça, claimed the canyon is a potential Guinness World Record candidate.

The 25-kilometer stretch of the 4-kilometer-long canyon in the Çamaş district of Ordu is accessible to tourists.

There are multiple canyons in the district, according to Çamaş Mayor Mahmut Aytaşı.

“On these canyons are lakes and waterfalls. Our district of Çamaş has the longest canyons in Turkey. We established our project, “Natural Health Tourism in the Canyon,” after working on these canyons and making them tourist-friendly. With the help of this initiative, we will be able to provide activities such as various sports and sound and water therapy to our visitors to our canyons, helping them recover their physical and mental well-being.”

Mayor Aytaşı declared that Çamaş Canyon, the longest stream canyon in Turkey, is a contender for the Guinness World Record.

‘Çamaş, the Land of Mysterious Canyons’ is the name we gave our project, and it is full of mysteries. First of all, the trail is great for hiking and has lots of waterfalls, making us a contender for the Guinness World Record. In addition, our canyon is home to indigenous flora, wild animals, raptors, and other species of wildlife, making us a potential Guinness World Record contender.

There are three more kilometers of paths, so we will add them to the hiking track. Right now, we may use 1.5 kilometers of the canyon. We have about 20 kilometers of canyon ahead of us. Our Çamaş Canyon is 25 kilometers long overall. Once more, there are numerous canyons of varying lengths.”

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When Azmi Es arrived to inspect the canyon, she commented,

“These are remarkable settings. incredibly stunning and pleased. Here, you must enter the water and make use of the tracks. It greatly calms you, so I’m already quite happy.”

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