Best of Cappadocia: A Fascination for Tourists

The sweeping beauty of Cappadocia’s bizarre valleys is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist attractions, and one of the most popular ways to see it is from above. Cappadocia is a stunning and amazing environment that has been formed over thousands of years by erosion. These cave-like houses and rock-hewn sanctuaries date back to the 4th century, during the Byzantine post-Iconoclastic period. What’s remained now are stunning troglodyte settlements, underground civilizations that once housed human dwellings, and breathtaking valleys that stretch for a considerable distance. Hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia is what people remember the city for. Let’s spotlight the things to know before having a hot air balloon ride – the best of Cappadocia.

Observing the Cappadocia Sunrise and sunset – the best of Cappadocia – is without doubt one of the most impressive charms experienced by residents or visitors. The world is blessed with plentiful spots where man witnesses one of the striking sights, sunrise & sunset, but what makes it more unforgettable and long-lasting is the spot namely Cappadocia, where travelers never miss this manifestation in addition to other scenes and acts.

242,826 people visited Cappadocia’s museums and ruins in November, making it one of Turkey’s most popular tourist sites. Between January and November 2021, 2,160,583 travellers visited historical and touristic sites in the region.

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An Escalation of Visitors Recorded in Cappadocia

According to information released by the Nevsehir Governorate’s Directorate of Press and Public Relations, the Nevsehir, Urgup, and Hacibektaş Archaeological and Ethnography Museums, Dark, Al-Nazar, and Gülşehir St. Jean churches, Derinkuyu, Kaymakl, Zkonak, Tatlarin, and Mazi underground cities, Goreme Open Air Museum, Zelve ren Places Hacibektaş Veli Museum and Hacibektaş Ataturk House were visited by 242,826 local and international tourists in November.

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