Historic Journey at Goreme Open Air Museum

The Goreme Open Air Museum depicts a massive monastic complex made up of dozens of refectory monasteries, each with its own beautiful church. It is, without a doubt, the first sight that any visitor to Cappadocia should see, as it is located in the heart of the region and is easily accessible from all directions. The town core of Goreme is only 15 minutes away (1.5km, 1 mile). It houses the best of the rock-cut churches, with stunning frescoes (wall paintings) that haven’t lost any of their original vibrancy. It also features one-of-a-kind instances of rock-hewn architecture and fresco painting.

Historic Journey at Goreme Open Air Museum

This Open Air Museum’s territory is a cohesive geographical entity that depicts historical unity. Within the Museum, there are eleven refectories with rock-cut church tables and benches. Each is linked to a particular church. The majority of the churches in the Goreme Open Air Museum date from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth centuries.

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The Goreme Open Air Museum’s rock-carved churches, monasteries, and chapels, which bring hundreds of thousands of people each year to Cappadocia, appeal to tourists with their historical texture and centuries-defying frescoes. Among the most popular destinations are the churches of Darkness, Al-Nazar, Tokal, and Elmali, as well as the chapels of St. Barbara and St. Basil.


In the early times, churches, chapels, and monasteries were painted with simpler paintings. In the third century, the Roman Emperor 1. Despite the centuries that have passed, the paintings painted on the walls and ceilings after Constantine’s embrace of Christianity are still original.

“Birth” in the original frescoes in the churches and chapels of Goreme Open Air Museum, which is among Turkey’s top ten most visited tourism attractions, is one of the museums connected with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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