Amasra is also known as eye of the world

Amasra is also known as eye of the world

This year, I visited the town of Amasra, which Fatih Sultan Mehmet referred to as “the eye of the globe,” and it captivated me with its natural and cultural splendour. Let’s explore this quaint Black Sea resort, which is roughly a four-hour drive from Istanbul.

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I decided to write about a town that I had the chance to visit this year and that astonished me with both its nature and atmosphere while I was considering where to write for the final Saturday of the year. Amasra… Have you heard of it before? Have you had an opportunity to attend? Do you have a mental image of its location? I’ll get right to it: Our Black Sea region includes Amasra, which is connected to Bartn on the Aegean coast by its natural beauty, delectable cuisine, and fresh air.

This town, which is around four hours’ drive from Istanbul, was made for people who adore all shades of green and blue because it is still relatively unknown. Even the locals don’t want him to become well-known there because it’s so quiet. They prefer that it stay in its natural state. The city’s most popular tourist destination is Amasra. It is situated at the place where the lush forests that surround it and the ocean converge. Make sure to spend one or two nights in Amasra when you travel there.

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Amasra is also known as eye of the world

This place’s Weeping Tree is a must-see. Amasra is undoubtedly the most picturesque location in the Western Black Sea. Amasra is a welcoming port city with a natural environment that is lush, blue, and serene.

This adorable area draws you in by giving the fish and specially-made salad its lovely air, and it also provides you with a wonderful ambience where you may find tranquilly as a nice and welcoming seaside town. Amasra, on the other hand, has a three thousand year history. With numerous seafood restaurants, historical sites, regional artefacts, and small pensions, it is a calm and relaxing location. I’d want to share with you what can be done in a two-day trip to Amasra if you’re just in town for a short while like I was.

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