Altinbesik Cave National Park, Antalya, Turkey

Altinbesik Cave National Park, Antalya, Turkey

The Altinbesik Cave, also known as the Altinbesik Maaras, is located on the western slope of the precipitous Manavgat Hill, 7 kilometres from Antalya’s Ibradi (Aydinkent) district and 5 km from Urunlu hamlet. The road from Antalya to Ibradi to Urunlu leads to Altinbesik Cave National Park, which can subsequently be reached after a one-hour walk from Urunlu.

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The name of the horizontal, partially active cave system known as the Altinbesik Cave comes from the Altinbesik Hill, which is located on its upper side. With geological overlaps, significant twists, and deep valleys, this section of the Taurus Mountains has an extremely complicated geological and geomorphologic structure. In the upper Creosote, the Altinbesik Cave was fashioned out of ancient limestone.

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Altinbesik Cave National Park turkey

Underground there are a lot of lakes and caverns. There are eascades because the lakes are at different levels. The caves have enormous stalagtites and stalagmites. The lakes and caves that are present now were formed over millions of years. According to one idea, water flowed into the fractures caused by the limestone nature of this hilly location, which led to chemical reactions in some spots, melting, and the formation of microscopic cavities. The negative effects of the water over time caused the caverns to enlarge and eventually transform into caves. Even now, this procedure is still in progress. Hardy climbers who are interested in this topic will be rewarded with a breathtaking sight.

Altinbesik Cave National Park, Antalya, Turkey

The Manavgat River’s source waters are collected in the underground lake, which is a true natural wonder that may be travelled through by boat. The Altinbesik Cave Lake is a portion of Lake Gembos’ submerged waters. Unusual formations on the walls of Altinbesik Cave serve as a record of and testament to the force of the water released from Manavgat River, which cut out a natural bridge in the cave. Additionally, the Altinbesik Cave National Park is made up of the rich vegetation surrounding the cave and the untamed beauty of the Altinbesik karst topography.

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