Altınbesik Cave flooded with local and foreign visitors

The Altinbesik Cave, also known as the Altinbesik Maaras, is located on the western slope of the precipitous Manavgat Hill, 7 kilometres from Antalya’s Ibradi (Aydinkent) district and 5 km from Urunlu hamlet. The Antalya-Ibradi-Urunlu road leads to Altinbesik Cave National Park, which is then reached after a one-hour hike from Urunlu.

Altınbesik Cave turkey

The name of the horizontal, partially active cave system known as the Altinbesik Cave comes from the Altinbesik Hill, which is located on its upper side. There are several geological overlaps, significant twists, and deep valleys in this section of the Taurus Mountains, which has a very complicated geological and geomorphologic structure. In the upper Creosote, the Altinbesik Cave was fashioned out of ancient limestone.

Altınbesik Cave flooded with local and foreign visitors

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Altnbeşik Cave, which is in Antalya’s Ürünlü Neighborhood of the “brad” area, is incredibly popular with both domestic and international tourists. In eight months, 80,000 individuals visited the cave. This idyllic region in Antalya draws an average of 300 local and foreign visitors daily who use excursion boats to explore the cave’s splendours. The Altnbeşik Cave’s operation manager, Ylmaz Zdoan, the personnel of the Brad Municipality, and other visitors have noted that the cave receives a lot of attention every day, particularly from foreign tourists.

Altınbesik Cave

Foreign visitors are more interested in the cave than local ones, according to zdoan, who noted that domestic visitation are down from prior years and added:

“We are working with all our strength to provide the best quality service to those who visit the cave and to contribute to the promotion of our city. During the summer season, we reached the band of 10 thousand people per month. We welcomed visitors from all over the world. Especially from foreign guests, we have experienced a significant increase in Polish visitors this year. Due to the decrease in the water of the cave in the summer months, we cannot take our visitors until the last point. Our visitors are looking forward to the rising waters from November.”

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