Abant Lake National Park: A Wonder of Bolu

Abant Lake Nature Park is known for its thyme-scented lush meadows, massive pine woods, and crystal-clear water accented with water lily blossoms. Every year, Bolu, which is inside the limits of Turkey’s most popular National Park, welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Lake Abant area.

Abant Lake National Park A Wonder of Bolu

Approximately 1,350 metres above sea level, on the Abant Mountain, in the Mudurnu district of Bolu, Abant Lake is accessible by automobile in 2.5 hours from Ankara and Istanbul. The natural park contains a number of hills that are between 1,400 and 1,700 metres tall.

The lake’s surrounding natural region offers some fantastic hiking options. The Western Black Sea’s pathways through unspoiled environment are surrounded by a lush flora and are bordered by tall, green trees. Hazelnut, medlar, hawthorn, rosehip, blackberry, strawberry, mint, and raspberry shrubs surround Scotch pine, larch, beech, oak, poplar, ash, hornbeam, and willow trees. Water lilies and aquatic plants abound around Lake Abant’s shorelines.

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Abant Lake National Park turkey

Around the lake, there are resorts, cottages, camping grounds, and picnic places. In other words, Abant Lake Nature Park is a suitable option for both one-day and multi-day hikes due of its location.

The Bolu’s natural beauty, Abant Lake National Park, was covered in snow. Snow shocked visitors who had taken advantage of the pleasant weather. One of Turkey’s most significant tourist destinations, Abant Lake National Park, was covered in snow.

The four-season tourist destination of Abant, which receives millions of visitors annually, has begun its winter overtime. Those who took advantage of the weekday sunshine went to the National Park, which is entwined with nature. Naturalists who were surprised by the snowfall throughout the night snapped a lot of memento photos of the snowy surroundings.

The snow cover did not lift above Abant in bright weather since the air temperatures were at zero degrees. Beautiful weather allowed for strolls around the lake by visitors. Serap Varlk, a visitor who claimed to have been in Abant for the first time and experienced a snow surprise, said:

“We made a plan with our friends and came to Bolu from Yozgat. It was also a surprise for us that it was snow. I’m coming for the first time, it’s beautiful.”

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