Western Black Sea: A Tourists’ Attraction

The Black Sea Coast is one of Turkey’s top destinations to visit for lush sceneries. The clusters of settlements that dot its narrow coastline, bordered in on one side by the sea and thickly forested undulating mountains on the other, set it apart from the rest of the country. Considering Western Black Sea, the meandering road that runs down the coast is one of the most gorgeous in the country, making road trips through this part of the country one of the most popular activities.

Western Black Sea A Tourists’ Attraction

Sumela Monastery is the region’s most popular tourist site, but the Black Sea beaches, charming harborside hamlets with old walls, and lush tea-growing hills and alpine meadows to the east give more than enough for a week’s itinerary.

On Western Black Sea, when the Anatolian Highway, Istanbul’s gateway to Anatolia, and the D-100 road were joined in one frame among the forests of Mount Bolu in autumn and winter, beautiful photographs appeared.

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Western Black Sea

The majority of the face measurements are covered by forests in Bolu and Duzce, and each season has a particular attractiveness. Drivers who utilise the Anatolian Highway’s Bolu Mountain segment and the D-100 road, which see thousands of vehicles every day, have the opportunity to travel with nature’s visual feast for four seasons.

The D-100 road’s Abant Junction, the Anatolian Highway’s Bolu Mountain Tunnel with the locations of Bakir, Karanlkdere, and Seymenler, and the D-655 Western Black Sea Connection Road, which provides access to coastal cities in the Western Black Sea, have been replaced by autumn colours in the winter season.

Images and photos acquired by drone from the same places during both seasons in the region were blended into one frame to generate lovely images.

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