Why you should give a visit to Uzungol Village Turkey

There are numerous seaside cities in northern Turkey that we are unfamiliar with, but simply looking at photographs of their beautiful nature will make you want to visit these destinations of your dreams. Trabzon is one of Turkey’s most gorgeous towns, and it is also home to an authentic village known as Uzungol. Uzungöl village Turkey, which has the same name as the village, has an appealing lake with charming nature and is a unique and pure tourist destination.

Why you should give a visit to Uzungol Village Turkey

The magnificent Black Sea region of Turkey’s lush mountains are a lovely spot to live in the midst of nature. At the same time, the Turkish village of Uzungol is known for its vast and picturesque lake surrounded by forested mountains.

Uzungol village Turkey is 90 kilometers from Trabzon, and the green lake and valley have become a popular tourist destination for those looking to get away from the city for a few days and immerse themselves in nature and countryside life.

6 Days Ayder Uzungol Trabzon Tour

Uzungöl Lake was formed when the surrounding mountains fell, turning the riverbed into a natural dam and creating a beautiful lake in the valley between them. The fog that normally blankets this location adds to its allure, giving it the appearance of a bit of paradise floating above the clouds.

Uzungol Village

Uzungöl translates to “Long Lake” and is probably one of Turkey’s most gorgeous lakes. The level of water in this lake changes depending on the season and amount of precipitation, yet it is beautiful all year. The neighboring mountains are uniformly white in the winter, creating fresh lake sceneries.

A mosque with Ottoman architecture stands next to the lake, adding to the beauty of the environment set against a backdrop of green mountains. One of the most attractive buildings around the lake is this white mosque, which has two tall minarets and a gorgeous dome.

Uzungol village in Turkey

There is a wonderful stroll way around the lake where you may walk and enjoy the sights, however it becomes very crowded, especially on weekends. Many merchants selling chestnuts on their wheels can be seen walking along the lake.

Eating roasted chestnuts in this exciting and touristic neighborhood is sure to be a pleasant experience that will leave a lasting impression the Uzungol village Turkey. You can take a break and relax on the seats and pavilions around the lake, taking in the tranquility of the natural surroundings. Local fish dinners as well as Turkish delights are available in restaurants throughout the area.

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