Urgup Cappadocia: From Fairy Chimneys to Historical Marvels

Of the communities around the Cappadocian sites, Urgup Cappadocia is the busiest, situated 20 km east of Nevsehir. It’s also possibly the tastiest, but a somber legacy of badly constructed and maintained buildings has been left behind by recent growth that has grown like mushrooms.

Urgup Cappadocia From Fairy Chimneys to Historical Marvels

Nonetheless, the route leading into the town passes by a few charming homes with carved rock, as well as lodging and dining establishments. To get a sense of the area before all of us arrived, it’s worthwhile to stroll through the old town.

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Many facilities, such banking and hospitals, are available in Urgup Cappadocia and are somewhat sparse in other parts of the region. It boasts a number of excellent dining options, as well as numerous hotels and pensions with differing levels of luxury. The town also boasts a distinct nightlife, complete with discos and tiny bars.

Today, 70% of Urgup’s residents work in the tourism industry, making it the city’s main source of income. In addition to the fact that the region’s wine output is increasing, there are multiple cellars in the town where one can taste wines.

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