Underground Palace of Gumushane: 121,000 Visitors and Counting!

121,535 people visited the well-known dripstone cave Karaca Cave in 2023. It is regarded as the underground palace of Gumushane and is one of the few caves in Turkey that is suited for halo therapy.

Underground Palace of Gumushane 121,000 Visitors and Counting!

In terms of the density of formations, Karaca Cave—which lies inside the boundaries of Cebeli village in the Torul district of Gümüşhane—is regarded as one of the richest caves in Turkey and the entire world. It contains the most exquisite, fascinating, and magnificent examples of stalactites, stalagmites, and dripstone shapes. Of this total, 30,510 individuals or 25% were foreign visitors.

The cave, which closes with the winter season, is only open to tourists on weekends when crowded tours arrive until March, even though it draws a lot of attention and receives the greatest visits, particularly in July and August.

The number of visitors to Karaca Cave has increased in comparison to previous years due to the opening of a new hall that has never been opened before. To make the cave safer for visitors to enter and exit, walking paths and lighting improvements have been made both inside and outside.

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On the first day of the final Ramadan Feast following the renovation of the walking platform for the 2023 tourism season, the 150-million-year-old Karaca Cave, known as the “underground palace of Gumushane” and one of the few dripstone caves in the world due to its dense stalactites, stalagmites, and dripstone shapes, opened for business.

The 120-meter-old wooden walkway inside the cave was taken down and replaced with a galvanized, gritted, stainless-chrome steel platform that stretches to 160 meters with the recently opened section. Future work is also scheduled to improve the quality of the road connecting Limni Lake Nature Park with Karaca Cave, which is situated on the slope of Zigana Mountain.

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