The Best Things to Do in Umbrella Street, Istanbul

One of the most attractive alleys in Istanbul, Umbrella Street earned its name from the numerous colourful umbrellas that were hung to shield passersby from the sun’s rays in the market. On Istanbul’s Asian side, notably in the sizable Kadikoy neighbourhood, which is heavily populated and popular and also has views of the Sea of Marmara’s northern coast, is where you can find Umbrella Street.

Umbrella Street in Kadikoy Istanbul

According to stones and monuments discovered in some areas of the region, the area has a significant history that dates back more than 5,000 years. According to historians, Kadikoy’s Fikirtepe district may be the oldest colony in the entire Central Asian region, making a trip there, including to Umbrella Street, a must for travellers.

Things to Do on Umbrellas Street in Istanbul

Umbrella Street Turkey

You can take pictures under the colourful umbrellas that hang over Kadikoy’s Umbrella Street to remember your trip to that fascinating and unusual location. Along with buying from the stores strewn on both sides selling a variety of commodities including clothes, children’s toys, and other items, you can wander down the street and discover the locals’ popular culture.

Not to add, you may eat delectable Turkish food at the well-known Turkish restaurants on Umbrella Street and sip delectable hot and cold beverages at the cafés. You can explore the renowned Kadikoy neighbourhood, one of Istanbul’s attractions, after taking a tour of Umbrellas Street. You can also take pleasure in Tepe Nautilus’ shopping or choose to visit KidZania Istanbul to delight your kids.

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How to get to Umbrellas Street

The Best Things to Do in Umbrella Street, Istanbul

It is not difficult to get to Umbrella Street because to Istanbul’s reliable transportation systems, which cover the majority of the city, particularly popular tourist destinations like Kadikoy. To get to the street, take the tramway toward Karakoy Station and then walk for 5 minutes till you reach the street.

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