Here are the Best Things to Do in Tokat Turkey

Tokat, which is in the Black Sea Region, has several districts that are in the Central Anatolia Region and has a lengthy history. Tokat, whose original name in the Ancient Byzantine Period was Komano, was known by a variety of names and hosted a variety of civilizations. This location, which is known for its historical buildings, is also well-known for its natural splendours. Without more ado, let’s look at the best things to do in Tokat Turkey.


Sulusokak, a 900-year-old site where you can feel tokat’s profound history, is a must-see. Historical Sulusokak and its surroundings are one of the best sites to feel and observe these historical traces. Halit Street, which connects this location, is a completely different place with many historical works from the Roman, Seljuk, Principalities, and Ottoman periods, including Tokat houses, which are similar to Safranbolu houses, mosques, inns, baths, madrasahs, mausoleums, covered bazaars, and fountains. Many historical buildings, such as Sulusokak Bazaar, Tokat Culture House, Yabasan Madrasa, Arastal Bedesten, Deveciler Han, and Yazmac Han, can be found in this area, which serves as Tokat’s old city centre and commerce hub.

Tokat Clock Tower

The Tokat Clock Tower, in the Behzat neighbourhood, was constructed in 1902. The governor Bekir Pasha and Enver Bey, the son of the Trustee, built this clock tower to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Abdulhamid II’s assumption to the throne, which can be seen from all throughout the city. The cut stone tower rises to a height of roughly 33 metres. The clock can be heard all around the city, ringing every half hour and two minutes at the start of the hour. Visiting the place is one of the best things to do in Tokat Turkey.

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Tokat Culture House

things to do in Tokat

Tokat Culture House is open to the public. Sulusokak is home to a mansion that is an example of civic architecture in the Baroque style. This home, which is now known as Tokat Culture House, is a beautiful structure with tasteful décor. Tokat Culture House, an Ottoman mansion with a two-story timber roof, is one of the few remaining examples of Anatolian Turkish architecture dating from the 900s. Not only do you get to witness a fountain and a fountain that highlight Tokat’s fountain culture, but you also get to see period furniture, curtains, and accessories.

Sulusaray Thermal Springs

Visitors from surrounding provinces and locals alike enjoy Sulusaray Thermal Springs, which is located 3 kilometres from Sulusaray district and is one of the best things to do in Tokat Turkey. The hot spring water, which includes sulphate, sodium chloride, and bicarbonate, is reported to help with rheumatism, skin problems, and neuralgia. In 1962, utilities and lodging facilities were established in the vicinity, rejuvenating the area even more. There are numerous places to dine and stay, as well as sites where you may tent.

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