Beauty of Besiktas: The Best Things to do in Besiktas

The vast and colourful neighbourhood life, the bazaar, fish market, the population of the students, culture and art activities, nightlife, Shopping centres, historical buildings, football clubs and seaside recreation and restaurants as well as ferry piers are well known for Besiktas on Istanbul’s European side. It is one of the most famous and precious districts on the Bosphorus entry. Let’s shed some light on the historical background of before heading towards the best things to do in Besiktas.

Historical Background

Beşiktaş was a minor quarter outside the city wall during Byzantine authority described as a little town with a small population. This area became the ideal spot for boat mooring during the time of the Ottoman Empire. In this neighbourhood, most of the people constructed their homes while the rich built their palaces.

In the 18th century, the Ottoman Empire was marked by the establishment of the Dolmabahce Palace, the administrative heart of Besiktas. The region flourished and became one of the most important sections of the city.

Things to Do in Besiktas

There are many distinctive spots in Besiktas to discover and relish taking a break from the humdrum routine from dawn to dusk. Let’s have a look!

Besiktas Square

Besiktas Square-min

Besiktas Square, one of the best things to do in Besiktas, has numerous cafés, restaurants, stores and vibrant Istanbul life. It is quite pleasant to spend time on the square encircled by restaurants and cafés with a view of the Bosphorus and to see the beautiful view of the Bosphorus from the shores of Besiktas. Next to the sea, Besikta Square is housed in the renowned Naval Museum and the Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha Tomb.

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Dolmabahçe Palace Museum

Dolmabahçe Palace Museum-min

Dolmabahçe is the largest palace in the country, consisting of about three hundred rooms. It served the Late Ottoman Empire as the primary administrative headquarters and is well-known for its neoclassical outside and spectacular interior, richly embellished in glass and gold. The will to build an Ottoman-European palace integrating baroque, rococo and new-classical components with Ottoman traditional architecture may be recognised. Reserve a guided tour in this unique synthesis and focus on the distinctive collection of oil paintings.

Yildiz Park

Yildiz Park-min

Yildiz Grove, one of the best things to do in Besiktas, has several lovely swamps, waterfalls, and ponds, as well as intriguing parks and trees, one of Istanbul’s most beautiful parks. Some of the trees are almost 400 years old. It’s one of Istanbul’s nicest parks. You can feel extremely serene with a nice day out at the park, strolling through the gardens, relaxing at the cafes and restaurants.

Naval Museum

Naval Museum-min

The largest collection of naval antiques in Turkey is presented by Deniz Müzesi, founded over a hundred years ago. It has recently been rebuilt and allows you to see the imposing imperial sultan caiques, exhibitions on naval wars, historical guns, navigating devices, ship models and documents relating to it. Naval Museum undoubtedly is one of the best things to do in Besiktas.

Yıldız Palace

Yıldız Palace Things to do in Besiktas

Palace is an edifices complex, which includes the State Apartments, the Šale Pavilion, Çadır Pavilion, the Yıldız Theatre, the Opera House, the Yıldız Museum Palace and the Imperial Porcelain Factory. The complex includes state apartments and the buildings. Also famous among the citizens of Istanbul is the Yıldız Palace Gardens. Through palace grounds, the Yıldız Palace is connected by a bridge with Çırağan Palace on the Bosphorus. The residence of the Sultan was at the βale kiosk or pavilion.

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Tomb of Barbarossa

Tomb of Barbarossa Things to do in Besiktas

The famous sailor Hayreddin Barbarossa did not only make his home in his lifetime but after death. Take a peek at the historic monument next to the four sarcophagi of his tomb. The tomb of Hayreddin Barbarossa represents the final rest of the fleet’s Ottoman admiral Hayreddin Barbarossa, which won the Ottoman Mediterranean by sea in the middle of the 16th century.

Historic Besiktas Pier

Historic Besiktas Pier-min

Among the other best things to do in Besiktas, Historic Besiktas Pier is also a worth-visiting place. With its architectural structure, the old Besiktas Ferry Pier is worth viewing. On the front façade of the pier are elegant and highly stunning tiles made by architect Ali Talat Bey (1869-1922). The jetty is available for public ferries in Uskudar and Kadikoy.

The Museum of Painting & Sculpture

Museum of Painting & Sculpture Things to do in Besiktas

You can find a route to the adjacent Painting Museum after a visit to the Dolmabahçe palace; your entrance is included in the price of your ticket. Watch the stunning collection of paintings and sculptures and unwind in the peaceful café overlooking the sea for a drink or a snack.

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