The Worth-Seeing Tallest Buildings in Istanbul Turkey

Apart from the historic places, Istanbul is also rich in the tallest constructions. These massive skyscrapers, which grew with the rush of construction in the 2000s, add to the glory of Istanbul. According to the data of the International Skyscraper Data Bank Emporis, Metropol Istanbul ranks 24th among the highest cities in the world. This means that sky-cratperson companies are utilised as holding, banks, hotels, shopping centres, offices, hospitals and residencies in Istanbul which has acquired the title of Europe’s highest city. The skyscrapers and green areas of Istanbul are several complicated buildings. Here are the tallest buildings in Istanbul.

Skyland Istanbul

Skyland Istanbul

Official statistics of CBUTH indicate Skyland is the highest skyscraper in Istanbul in Turkey and Europe’s 7th largest. The project stands at a height of 284 metres. It consists of three towers with office, flats, stores and a residential design facility. Two larger structures with 65 and 64 stories were finished in 2017. Architect Peter Vaughan, who has previously built other UK projects and designed Skyland at 50 stories of the Seyrantepe Towers. Given the high standard as the highest building in Istanbul, you will have a six-digit purchase of a penthouse suite.

Metropol Skyscrapers

Metropol Skyscrapers

The contest among the two giants was close, because Metropol, one of the tallest buildings in Istanbul, was the highest skyscraper, until the majestic edifice was pushed off by Skyland at just 4 metres! Metropol, located in Atasehir, has cost an incredible 800 million dollars to develop. The British architecture company RMJM built the monument that covers 58 stories and reaches a height of 280 metres. The proposal consists of a shopping area, a 16 screen theatre and an open-air promenade, an office and a residence unit, and is composed of three skyscrapers and two smaller constructions.

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Diamond of Istanbul

Diamond of Istanbul Tallest Buildings in Istanbul

Strategies for the Istanbul Diamond tower project did not go well. In addition to being sued by the Sheraton hotel for the blockage of its view of the Bosphorus, the construction has been stopped for technical problems and its status is still in hold as per CBUTH. A 300-room 5-star hotel, 35,000 square metre shopping mall, a gigantic aquarium, office space, botanical gardens, five-story subway car parks, home apartments and a conference hall for 1400 participants are all part of the whole plan. The project, one of the tallest buildings in Istanbul, has 48 floors and reaches 268 metres, excluding subterranean parking.

Istanbul Sapphire

Istanbul Sapphire

Sapphire Tower square was the highest building of the city till 2017. A notable landmark. The Sapphire building is the twelfth highest structure in Europe, and it is located at 261 m, five floors above and ten under it. This skyscraper once again integrates all elements of life under one roof and shopping malls, restaurants, movie theatres, mini-golf, swimming pool, offices and 187 flats. However, its innovative design was breaking ground since atriums and gardens were placed between outer coats and the inhabitants never felt the disadvantage of an urban living.

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Istanbul Tower

Istanbul Tower Tallest Buildings in Istanbul

One of the financial centre places in the metropolitan area. Situated in levent. istanbul tower 205, the modern central office project for people looking for comfort in work life. The 52-story structure, with a length of 220 metres, is one of the highest buildings in Istanbul.

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