State of emergency

!!! Please Do not misunderstand the meaning !!!

Subject  “State of Emergency” conditions in Turkey

Dear Friends and Colleagues ,

Yesterday,[ 20 July 2016] Turkish Government has announced that  “Limited ” State of Emergency conditions will be operated for 3 months across the Country.

The reason why i call it “Limited” is,it is not an actual state of Emergency  rules launched by Turkish  Parliament.

Because “if” it was full state of Emergency call,public can not go outside within restricted times of the day and many legal incapacity would be applied.However situation is totally opposite as public is free to be outside on squares and making celebrations at the moment.So there is no effect IN DAILY LIFE FOR TRAVELLERS.

Why this Limited State of Emergency Announced ?

Due to coup attempt, which happened last Friday,approximately 7000 people were detained or arrested from Turkish Armed Forces including multiple government departments.

According to Turkish law,investigation cannot be no longer than 4 days based on type of Suspended crime.Therefore,considering huge number of the people arrested or detained ,investigation cannot be completed in time and would be illegal in terms of legalş law conditions.

Thats why Government had to extend this investigation time with the acceptance of all parliament members with calling “Limited” State of Emergency.So this call gives immediate action authority to government in this extraordinary sıtuation.


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