The Best Spots to Relish Scuba Diving in Turkey


Since the early 2000s, sea tourism in the area of a major route across Turkey has become the bright light of the world. Due to the ideal mild climate and unpolluted character of international scuba diving tourism, Turkey enjoys an edge in four seasons underwater diving. Among the most popular destinations, Kaş, Bodrum, Saros, Ayvalk, and Marmaris stand out. Each of the six unique species we have selected for you includes underwater archaeological sites, shipwrecks, and aquatic gorgeous scuba diving locations in Turkey.


scuba diving in Mersin

The sunken cargo ship at the western point of Dana Island is one of several spectacular diving sites in Mersin’s beautiful seawaters. Mersin is a well-known dive resort famed for the massive old oil jars that make up a hidden underwater island northwest of Sancak Bay. The majority of the dive locations are along the Tasucu’s coastline.



Previously, it was thought that the area around Ayvalik was the location of Atlantis’ lost city, but what is now known is the unique diving opportunities in Turkey, specifically off Yuvarlak Island, Gunes Island, and Kerbela Rocks. The waters off Kiz Island, which provide beautiful underwater biodiversity from a depth of 19 meters, are the most popular location of this place.

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Gulf Of Gokova

Gulf Of Gokova-

For those interested in doing wall scuba diving in Turkey, the Gulf of Gokova features a breathtaking underwater terrain. This point is about a one-and-a-half-hour sailing distance from Bodrum. It is also the farthest point reached for recreational diving. Scuba diving at the point overlooking the Gulf of Gokova will be an once-in-a-lifetime experience.



Kusadasi, an Aegean underwater realm near Didim, offers fantastic opportunities to see marine life as well as the option to look for a purposely sunken former coast guard ship. Close to Davutlar, near Kusadasi, it is one of the best spots in Turkey for scuba diving, with an A300 Airbus. It will serve as an artificial reef for underwater flora and animals, as well as offering foreign divers a unique scuba diving experience.



Canakkale is a popular diving location for divers due to its proximity to Istanbul and abundance of underwater ruins. The black fauna is a type of underwater fauna. Plant life, tourism amenities, sea creatures, and buried ruins abound on the islands of Gokceada and Bozcaada.

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