Sakip Sabanci Museum: Best Museums in Turkey

This is a vast and different permanent collection and conservation department centred around a historic structure at Emirgan on the edge of the Bosphorus. The villa and its large property were bought in 1951 by the Sabancı family and were kept for years. In 1998, for the sake of establishing a museum, Sakip Sabancı legalised Sabanci University with its original furnishings as well as its calligraphy and art exhibits. Sakip Sabanci Museum opened in 2002 and was an extension that has modern galleries close to the home.

One of the four horses on Atlı Köşk square in Istanbul, which was ransacked by Crusaders during the Fourth Crusade in 1204, and carried to the Basilica of St. Mark, in Venice, was a second horse sculpture on the grounds of the mansion named after Atlı Köşk. Atlı Köşk, in 1974, was the oldest in the family after the death of Hacı Omer Sabancı. For many years it housed a rich collection of calligraphy and pictures by Sakıp Sabancı. In 1998, the Sabancı familiy legately transformed the palace into a museum, together with its collection and furnishings.

Things to See in Sakip Sabanci Museum

Sakip Sabanci Museum

The permanent collection includes the Calligraphy Collection, painting Collection and the Furniture and Decorative Arts Collection and includes some excellent specimens of traditional Islamic and Ottoman arts and documents from the 14th century onwards.

There is also a temporary exposition of major painters, such as the Monet Sakip Sabanci Museum Exhibition, the Rembrandt Sakip Sabanci Museum Expo 2012 and the Sakip Sabanci Museum Anish Kapoor Exhibition 2013. The  museum is the venue for temporary exhibitions. In the luxuriant garden, one of Anish Kapoor’s pieces, Double, now belongs to the museum’s permanent collection.

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How to Get to Sakip Sabanci Museum

From Taksim (40, 40T or 42T) or Kabataş take the bus to Emirgan (22, 22RE or 25E). Alternatively, board a tour of Dentur Avrasya from Kabataş or Beşiktaş, Hop On Off Classıc Bosphorus.


Sakip Sabanci Museum Map

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Visiting Information

The Museum is open from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm from Tuesday through Sunday (and until 8pm on Wednesdays). Typically there is 40 Turkish Lira for admittance to the the museum, but on Wednesdays it is free.

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