Reyyan Valley Waterfall: A Spectacle to See

The Reyyan Valley, 60 kilometres from Feyyum, Egypt, has a waterfall – Reyyan Valley Waterfall – that falls in the centre of the desert, covering an area of around 2,000 square kilometres. With its natural splendour, the Reyyan Valley Waterfall, which resembles a sermon in the desert, is one of the most popular tourist destinations for both local and international visitors.

Reyyan Valley Waterfall (2)

The movement of natural water sources in the desert towards the valley creates this one-of-a-kind Egyptian Reyyan Valley Waterfall. Three-quarters of Egypt’s land area is desert, and the Feyyum Waterfall, 100 kilometres south of Cairo, is a popular spot for locals and tourists looking to cool off.

Aside from its natural beauty, the mere mention of the words “desert and waterfall” is enough to pique people’s interest. Some visitors come to the Reyyan Valley to see the waterfall, while others come to enjoy the valley’s other attractions. The valley is home to a variety of species in addition to its natural beauty. There are 15 different sorts of animals that reside in the valley’s vicinity, the most common of which are “desert deer, sand foxes, and wolves.”

Reyyan Valley Waterfall A Spectacle to See (2)

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Tourists to the valley appreciate the Reyyan Valley Waterfall as well as the traditional instruments they use to sing songs. Visitors can purchase souvenirs like as coloured stones, toy camels, and cloth dolls from mobile kiosks set up across the region. Emira Ibrahim, an Egyptian tourist, said she first visited the Reyyan Valley four years ago to celebrate her university graduation. She said:

“We take pictures in the waterfall, we go into the water, then we make sure to enjoy the lake by riding the dinghies in the lake.”

Skateboarding on the dunes that surround the desert-covered Reyyan Valley is also an option for guests. Locals in the region can ride camels or horses for a fee, in addition to skateboarding for enthusiasts.

The waterfall, as well as the traditional instruments used to sing songs, are popular among visitors to the valley. Mobile kiosks placed up across the region sell items like as coloured stones, toy camels, and cloth dolls. Egyptian tourist Emira Ibrahim said she initially came to the Reyyan Valley four years ago to commemorate her university graduation.

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