Rainbow Hills Igdir becomes Center of Attention

Rainbow Hills Igdir, in the Tuzca district, attracts foreign visitors as well as nature lovers, athletes, and photographers with its vibrant beauty. The natural structure and bright look of the Rainbow Hills, which are located in Turkey’s far East, attract travellers from all over the world. With their various sizes and colours of brown, green, yellow, purple, and white, the hills of Igdir’s Tuzca region resemble a paint palette.

Due to its growing popularity on social media, the hills, which have a multicoloured look due to the combination of distinct soil structures and layers, have recently become one of the region’s most renowned nature tourism attractions.

Rainbow Hills Igdir becomes Center of Attention

Visitors to the region come to witness Agri Mountain National Park in Igdir, Ani Oren Place in Kars, Sarikamis woods, Deli Lake and Devil’s Castle in Ardahan, Ishakpasa Palace in Agri, and Fish Lake, which are all located right on the edge of the Igdir-Kars and Erzurum route. The land structure without vegetation in the hills, where nearly all hues can be seen most strongly, attracts a lot of attention from home and abroad with its colour feast, especially in fall. Photography aficionados, athletes, and nature lovers can journey with nature while photographing hills of various colours.

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Rainbow Hills Igdir has recently earned a name, notably on social media, according to Ilteriş Kagan Taskinsu, one of the local citizens who volunteered through social media.

“Thisis a natural richness of 4 or 5 colors of soil. As of Igdir’s location, both the surrounding countries welcome visitors from Georgia, Iran and Nakhchivanand from different cities of our country. Taskinsu stated that the hills are quite easy to reach, and thatafter arriving by car to the side of the road, a short walking distance is reached. Especially because a wealth such as Mount Agri is found in the region, visitors to the mountain also visit this place. We invite all nature lovers to come and see this place.”

Rainbow Hills Igdir

The promotion of the hills, according to Taskinsu, can result in a considerable increase in tourism in the region, with the following caveats:

“The most interesting feature is that it consists of hills with different colors in places, almost reminiscent of Cappadocia. Nature lovers, athletes, hikers, campers, wedding photographers visit the area. He’s got a serious reputation. We’re trying to invite people here by promoting this place. These hills have become the brand value of Igdir.”

Rainbow Hills Igdir is favored for outdoor photography, according to photographer Mert Ekmekçi:

“We usually shoot weddings and special day shots here. The structure and colors of the hills are really interesting. Many sightseeing groups also organize tours here. We welcome those who are interested in photography and nature. Let them come and see this natural beauty. I liked it when I first saw it, it’s one of the areas where we’ve taken pictures most often since,” he said.

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