Princes’ Islands worth a visit while you’re in Turkey

In the Sea of Marmara, the Princes’ Islands are a series of nine tiny islands. They have grown from a place of exile during the Byzantine era to a popular tourist and Istanbulite resort to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a day. Only four of the nine islands are accessible to the general public: Büyükada, the largest and most popular, Burgazada, Heybeliada, and Knalada.

Why are Princes’ Islands worth-visiting?

Best of Princes Islands

The sound of solitude is the most distinguishing element of any of the Princes’ Islands. All fuel-powered vehicles are prohibited, making the islands a peaceful haven. Bicycles, electric buses, and electric taxis are the primary modes of transportation. Since 2020, the latter has been replacing traditional horse-drawn carriages. Bicycle bells and footsteps are the only sounds you’ll hear. But that isn’t the only thing that distinguishes the Princes’ Islands. Walking or cycling along tiny lanes flanked by either unspoiled pine forests or magnificent, wooden Victorian houses is a common occurrence.

The Best Princes’ Islands Tour

One of the most conspicuous travel and tours organization – Travel Store Turkey – offers a one day Princes’ Islands tour making your journey entertaining and memorable.

Day 1

Princes Islands Istanbul-

The transfer will pick you up from your hotel at 8:30 a.m. and take you to the waterfront. The Prince Islands archipelago consists of nine islands of various sizes. Buyukada is the largest and most delightful of the islands.

Cars are not authorised, and the only modes of transportation are horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, and electric bikes. Many lovely 19th century timber mansions with overhanging balconies can be found on the island. The apartments are now largely used as vacation residences.

From Istanbul, you’ll take a ferry to the Islands. You will be treated to a one-hour horse-drawn carriage (phaeton) tour around the island when you arrive. Lunch will be served in a fish restaurant with a spectacular view of Istanbul’s Asian side.

After lunch, you’ll have a couple of hours to roam around and visit the island’s stunning nature, as well as the many old churches and monasteries. You will return to Istanbul by ferry at 7:00 p.m. and then be driven to your hotel by bus.

Princess Island Tour

What is Offered?

Princes’ Islands worth a visit while you’re in Turkey

  • Transfer from your hotel to ferry and back
  • Lunch
  • Vegetarian meals Available
  • Professional tour guide
  • Taxes
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