Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Bursa Turkey

Bursa Zoo

The variety of places to visit in Bursa usually impresses curious tourists. Bursa, a city in its own right, has risen up the ranks to become Turkey’s must-see attraction. While western holiday package businesses have yet to enter into the area, independent travellers and Middle-Eastern nationalities are drawn to the area by its considerable cultural history. Bursa is known as “Green Bursa” because of its many parks and gardens. It is located at the base of Uludag Mountain, one of Turkey’s best skiing areas. The year-round tourist destination is also leading the real estate market, as more Turks and foreigners invest in property to take advantage of the area’s potential. Let’s have a look at the top 10 best places to visit in Bursa Turkey.

Bursa Teleferik

Bursa Teleferik

The Bursa Teleferik, which runs up the slopes of Uluda, is the world’s longest cable car. The trip is 8.2 kilometres long and takes 22 minutes to reach the top of the mountain, which is 1,810 metres above sea level. Skiers and snowboarders use the cable car to get to Uluda’s ski resort facilities in the winter, but the cable car is a tourist destination in and of itself, with spectacular views all year. The panorama swoops over densely forested lower slopes along the way, with magnificent views of the rocky mountain peak on one side and the sprawl of Bursa city below on the other. Moving the Bursa Teleferik, one of the best things to do in Bursa, attracts numerus tourists across the globe.

Traditional Cumalikizik Village

Traditional Cumalikizik Village

Cumalikizik Village, one of the best places to visit in Bursa, was unknown before 2014, but after UNESCO designated it as a world heritage site, it was covered in a number of major tourist publications. 270 antique Ottoman buildings composed of wood and stone were the criterion for its inclusion. As modern housing continues to develop and change, it is critical to preserve these types of historic structures. The ruins of a Byzantine church were also uncovered in 1969. Enjoy a traditional Turkish village breakfast while you’re there.

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Muradiye Tombs

Muradiye Tombs

Anyone interested in the Ottoman period’s creative history would enjoy a visit here, as the tombs are adorned with remarkable specimens of the era’s artwork, including vivid tile work and beautiful calligraphy. There are 12 tombs on the property. The tombs of Sultan Murat II (father of Mehmed the Conqueror, who seized Constantinople) and the legendary Cem Sultan (third son of Mehmed the Conqueror, who died in exile in Italy after losing the succession war with his brother, Beyazit II), are two of the most historically significant.

Beaches in Mudanya

Beaches in Mudanya places to visit in Bursa

If you travel by sea ferries from Istanbul, you will arrive in Mudanya, a charming tiny settlement that is attracting both foreign and Turkish home purchasers. This renowned tourist resort, which sits on the Gemlik Gulf, is also historically significant because it was here in 1922 that Turkey, France, and the United Kingdom signed an armistice following Turkey’s independence war. Tour the sites, which include the town’s numerous old Ottoman buildings with original architecture, as well as enjoy the beach atmosphere.

Central Bazaar

Central Bazaar places to visit in Bursa

Bursa was a key stop on the east-west Silk Route, and its centre city area is brimming with beautifully restored buildings from the city’s heyday. The Central Bazaar is a maze of covered market alleys, caravanserais where merchants used to sleep, and warehouses where commodities were originally housed. The quiet lush centre courtyards of many of the warehouse buildings (named bedestans) and caravanserais (called hans) are now used as outdoor cafés. Visiting the central bazaar is one of the best things to do in Bursa.

Bursa Grand Mosque

Bursa Grand Mosque places to visit in Bursa

Bursa Grand Mosque, one of the best places to visit in Bursa, was built in 1399, during the Ottoman Empire’s early years, and its construction still reflects the Seljuk style, which was heavily influenced by Persian mosques. It’s most famous for its roof, which features 20 domes. Sultan Beyazit I, who commissioned the mosque, is said to have vowed to build 20 mosques, but later decided that was too ambitious and instead erected 20 domes on this one.

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Lakeside Village of Gölyazı

Lakeside Village of Gölyazı places to visit in Bursa

Ulubat Lake is only 40 kilometres west of Bursa’s city centre. Gölyazı, a little settlement on a peninsula jutting into the lake, provides a sample of slow-paced rural life. Bursa residents flock to the lakefront on weekends to wander the lakeshore, enjoy the tranquil ambiance, and take boat rides out on the lake. The village features a smattering of Roman-era ruins, including the meagre remnants of the settlement’s Roman fortifications, as well as decrepit architecture lining its lanes and a famous and massive 750-year-old plane tree.

Bursa’s Green Tomb

Bursa’s Green Tomb

Turbe means grave in Turkish, however it can also refer to a mausoleum. The 15th-century Yesil Turbe in Bursa is a revered landmark and monument to Mehmed the 1st, the fifth Ottoman sultan. It was built by his successor and son and sits next to the same-named mosque across the street. Yesil translates to “green” in Turkish, a reference to the hexagon landmark’s green outside tiles.

Bursa Zoo

Bursa Zoo

Prepare for a thrilling adventure to observe animals from all around the world while sitting in the Soganli neighbourhood. The zoo takes pleasure in being an educational and entertaining place for children to learn about animals from all continents, such as giraffes, zebras, lions, bears, and other exotic animals. Visit the nearby botanical gardens to round up your family-friendly day out. Moving to the zoo is one of the best things to do in Bursa.


Uludağ places to visit in Bursa

Because of Uludag’s significance, everyone should visit it, and those who do will most likely take the Uludag Gondola cable car to ascend the mountain. It is Turkey’s longest, stretching approximately 9 kilometres and taking only 25 minutes to complete. The final of the three stations is where skiers go. Even if you visit Bursa outside of Turkey’s skiing season, you should not miss a trip to Uludag, as the mountain plateaux are equally beautiful in the spring and autumn. Summer activities include mountain biking, camping, quad biking, and trekking, in addition to viewing the spectacular scenery views from 2345 metres above sea level.

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