Pirates of the Aegean: Bodrum’s Swashbuckling Maritime Past

Pirate Ships in Bodrum grab the hearts of travelers pirate cruise ships are becoming more and more common in Bodrum ports, providing tourists with tours of the picturesque Aegean coast and islands. In recent years, the phenomenon of pirate ships has started to expand along the Turkish coast of Mugla, instilling a sense of adventure in visitors throughout their visits.

Pirates of the Aegean Bodrum's Swashbuckling Maritime Past

Tourist numbers rose, and Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon praised the high and continuing turnout of tourists from Britain, Germany, Poland and Russia, saying:

“We hope that occupancy at the peak of the season will reach 100%.”

Both domestic and international travelers are eager to take daily cruises aboard ships, especially pirate ships. Owner of a pirate cruise ship, Anver Kartermis, expressed hope for a successful tourist season. “The majority of tourists were from Russia,” he stated. The Russians adore Bodrum, so we plan a trip that takes them from the land’s sulfurous waters to the beaches of Boyraz, Kizilburun, and Dalgic. He added,

“We offer moonlit night cruises, which are popular with visitors from Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. The pirate ship model has started to catch on in the area, all reservations are full, and many have been impressed by our ship’s unique design. We think we have started to disseminate this concept.”

Bosphorus dinner cruise

The pirate ship employs 24 people who traverse four different coasts of Mugla during the day.

“We believe that tourists find it more comfortable to spend their tours onboard the pirate ship, given its large size compared to other small cruise ships.”

Together with Marmaris, Fethiye, Datca, Dalyan, and Akyaka, Bodrum is among the most well-liked tourist destinations, particularly in conjunction with pirate ships in Bodrum, in Mugla because of the city’s beautiful beaches, abundant natural resources, and well-developed hotel and tourism infrastructure.

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