The Projected Visitors to Phrygia Valley in 2022

With developments in the historic Phrygia Valley in Afyonkarahisar’s Ihsaniye district, the increased tourism potential is predicted to peak in 2022. The aspect of Phrygia, a new tourist site in Afyonkarahisar with a 3,000-year history, has transformed.

Phrygia Valley

In the vicinity of historical rock communities, carved rock tombs, and monument monuments, street cleansing initiatives were carried out, as well as Maltas temple rescue excavations. Hot air balloon flights and other activities were launched in July of last year as part of the Emre Lake and Phrygia Civilization Garden Project, introducing mobility to the district.

The Projected Visitors to Phrygia Valley in 2022

Last year, a large number of people visited Phrygia, drawing tourists. Significant expenditures have been made in the tourism destination between Ayazini Village, according to Koyuncu.

“Ayazini Village Street Sanitation Project, Emre Lake and Phrygia Civilization Garden Project, hot air balloon flights and Maltas Temple excavations were carried out in the region. Phrygia Valley also had a full 2021. With various festivals, Phrygia has gained vitality throughout the year.”

Best of Phrygia

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In 2021, there will be many vehicle entrances to the region, according to Koyuncu, and more than 2 million domestic and international visitors will be welcomed in Phrygia Valley. Koyuncu stated that their goal is to double this figure by 2022:

“This year we plan to open our Temple of Maltas to turize. We will also commission our Equestrian Sports Facility. Hot air balloons over Lake Emre will continue their flights increasing in number. Our fourth stage street sanitation efforts in Ayazini village are continuing. Gastronomy cafes, boutique hotels and new tourist areas will be built. We believe that our tourism potential will increase even more.”

Private sector investments in the region have expanded, according to Koyuncu, and new ideas and initiatives arrive every week.

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