Nuzhetiye Waterfall: Heaven for Nature Enthusiasts

Nature enthusiasts go to the Nüzhetiye Waterfall in Kocaeli’s Gölcük region, especially those who prefer to spend their weekends trekking or getting away from the stress of big cities. The Nüzhetiye Waterfall is one of Kocaeli’s 102 recognised trekking sites, whose natural wonders have been eclipsed by industrialization. The Nüzhetiye neighbourhood, located in the Gölcük district, offers one-day trips due to its one-and-a-half-hour drive from Istanbul, which increases the number of visitors.

Nuzhetiye Waterfall Heaven for Nature Enthusiasts (2)

Nuzhetiye Waterfall, which is located in Kocaeli’s Lake area and is known for its hiking trail and natural beauty, is waiting to be discovered by nature lovers. The waterfall, which is located in Nuzhetiye hamlet in the Lake District, provides tourists with unique beauty thanks to its diverse plant life. The Nuzhetiye Waterfall, which is located in the Samanl Mountains, is a must-see for visitors, especially in the spring when the water level rises.

The Nuzhetiye Waterfall, which draws people with its scenic splendour, also offers opportunities for outdoor sports. Hikers starting their hikes at Nuzhetiye will arrive at the waterfall after completing a short but challenging 5-kilometer trekking track.

Nuzhetiye Waterfall Heaven for Nature Enthusiasts

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Murat Aka, who lives in the Nuzhetiye village and claims to have visited the waterfall on occasion, said:

Nuzhetiye Waterfall takes its name from the village where it is located. We have two waterfalls along the creek, one at the entrance and one at the end of the course. The waterfall we are in now is a waterfall of 7-8 meters and the other is a waterfall at an altitude of 30-50 meters. In the summer a lot of people prefer this place and they walk here. A lot of nature lovers from home and abroad are flocking here. In the summer season, my friends and I come to the waterfall 10-15 times and we hike here. This is an indispensable place for Kocaeli. People prefer this place because it is a wooded and cool area.”

By the creek, there are campsites. Because it is in a location with a Black Sea climate and the Samanli Mountains, it is liked by those who want to spend a cool day in the summer.

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