New Year’s Eve 2022 in Turkey: Tips to Celebrate

New Year’s Eve in Turkey is one of the most renowned celebrations. A family supper, a national lottery drawing, and a countdown to midnight are all part of the New Year’s Eve customs in this country. In the Gregorian calendar, New Year’s Eve is on December 31. New Year’s Eve is not a federally recognised holiday. Businesses are open during regular business hours.


When Turkey switched to the Gregorian calendar in 1926, December 31 became the last day of the calendar year. Prior to 1926, Turkey and the Ottoman Empire utilised a solar-based Islamic calendar. After the Turkish parliament declared January 1 (New Year’s Day) an official holiday in 1935, New Year’s Eve became a popular holiday in Turkey. During the 1920s and 1930s, Turkey borrowed many New Year’s Eve traditions from western Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations.


New Year’s Eve 2022 in Turkey Tips to Celebrate

In Turkey, many individuals begin their New Year’s Eve celebrations with a large family feast. A roasted turkey is traditionally served as the main meal. Television variety shows start in the late afternoon and last into the early morning the next day. Many people pass the time while waiting for the clock to strike midnight by playing video games. Just before midnight, state television channels broadcast the winning numbers of a New Year’s national lottery. Many people in Turkey attempt to purchase a New Year’s lottery ticket in the hopes of winning a substantial quantity of money. At midnight between New Year’s Eve in Turkey and New Year’s Day, many people congratulate each other, toast the New Year, and exchange little gifts.

On New Year’s Eve, hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs offer special entertainment. Most places demand bookings ahead of time. On December 31, some people visit city centres late in the evening to view the traditional fireworks display. New Year’s Eve concludes with a countdown to the New Year’s arrival, and celebrations continue until January 1st morning.

Is New Year’s Eve a public holiday in Turkey?

Although many workers get a half-day off on New Year’s Eve, it is not an official holiday. In the afternoon of December 31, administration buildings, schools, and post offices may be closed. It’s also possible that supermarkets will close sooner than normal. Because many people spend New Year’s Eve in city centres, traffic may be heavy on December 31.

New Year’s Eve in Istanbul

New Year’s Eve in Istanbul

On New Year’s Eve 2022, there are plenty of things to do in Istanbul, including watching fireworks along the Bosphorus shores or on a Bosphorus cruise, celebrating the night at one of Istanbul’s many great clubs, or watching the magical city light up at midnight with a New Year’s Eve meal in a top Istanbul restaurant with a view.

Bosphorus dinner cruise

During New Year’s Eve in Istanbul, it can be chilly but not freezing. Rain is a possibility. In prior years, it had not snowed on New Year’s Eve. The average temperature is 10°C, with 123 mm of precipitation. A winter coat or a nice jacket, a scarf, and a portable umbrella are all recommended. Also, bring a sweater for some of the warmer locations.

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New Year’s Eve fireworks

New Year’s Eve fireworks

Istanbul’s New Year’s Eve in Turkey fireworks will undoubtedly light up the picturesque Bosphorus with a spectacular display of pyrotechnics. On the night of the celebrations, you may join in the fun and watch the fireworks from one of the various locations along the Bosphorus shoreline.

One of the greatest ways to spend New Year’s Eve in Istanbul is to take a boat tour on the Bosphorus. As you greet 2022, you may watch the NYE fireworks and enjoy the NYE supper and live entertainment while taking in the breathtaking vistas of Istanbul. A typical New Year’s Eve cruise party lasts roughly 6 hours.

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