New Year’s Eve fun in Uludag has been started

Uludag, one of Turkey’s most popular winter tourism centres, has opened for the season. Hoteliers who are looking forward to a new season have predicted that New Year’s Eve fun will be completely booked. The cost of spending New Year’s Eve in Uludag starts at 3000 liras per person.

New Year's Eve fun in Uludag has been started (2)

The season began in Uludag, Bursa, at an elevation of 2,543. Snow depths of up to 30 centimetres were recorded in some areas as the region’s sporadic downpour continued. Over the weekend, rain is predicted to increase. Uludag, which has a total capacity of 17 hotels and institutions with 5,000 beds, is also preparing for New Year’s Eve. Despite the redefining of accommodation fees, the booking rate at hotels approached 50%. One of the hotel managers, Harbi Türk, claimed that interest has been high this season.

“We are very happy to start the season with snow. We opened our hotel last week. All the hotels will open this weekend. With the onset of snowfall, all operators are concentrating on New Year’s Eve. Our occupancy rates are going well for Christmas. It’s over 40-50 percent. If the snow continues to fall, it will be close to 80 percent. It’s the semester after Christmas. Weekends don’t go empty anyway. I’d say it’s better in terms of demand than last year. This year, we have many more guests who want to ski and want to spend a winter break. The demands are good now, we are happy.”

New Year's Eve fun in Uludag has been started

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According to Turk, there is also a lot of demand from other countries. Ukraine, the Balkans, and Romania are all interested. Europe, as usual, is in high demand. Uludag is a must-have for our Middle Eastern visitors. Turk, unfolding the New Year’s Eve fun, provided the following information on Uludag’s lodging fees:

“Our facility, like most in Uludag, operates on a full-board basis. On New Year’s Eve, we charge 3 thousand liras each person per night. This includes a gala on New Year’s Eve. Guests can stay for two or three nights. After New Year’s Eve, prices per person start from 2,500 liras during the semester period. In December, the price per person at the weekend is 1,500 lira, on weekdays it is 1,000 lira. In January, accommodation prices per person range from 1,500 lira to 2,000 liras.”

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