Nevruz Festival Symbols and Traditions in Turkey

The vivid and lively tradition in Turkish society is still in Nevruz, recognised in Anatolia by other names such as Sultani Nevruz, Nevruz Sultan, Mart Dokuzu and Mart Bozumu. Nevruz meaning New Day, which is the first day of the year in many countries. Spring is celebrated. In the northern hemisphere, Nevruz is frequently honoured. Nevruz Festival starts on March 21, per the Gregorian calendar. On Nevruz Day, antique Turkish tradition celebrates natural awakening and forges iron.

Nevruz Festival Symbols and Traditions in Turkey

The Nevruz Festival Turkey emphasises ideals of peace and solidarity between and among generations, as well as reconciliation and neighbourliness, and so contributes to the cultural diversity and goodwill between individuals and different communities.

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Symbols and Traditions

The Nevruz festival takes place on the 9th of March in the old style of Tahtaci Turkmen who take their name from their work with wood. The Tahtaci Turkomans climb to the high plateaux on 22-23March. It is honoured. Nevruz is considered a day in the memory of the deceased by the Tahtaci Turkomans. Here, we can find the evidence of the ancestor’s cults in a region of the old Turkish belief.

Nevruz Festival Symbols and Traditions in Turkey (2)

22 March, on the day before Nevruz, the time has come to welcome Nevruz and to prepare Nevruz’s cuisine such as the cleaning of homes. Among the meals and foods eaten on Nevroz Day are spinach pastry, onion-colored eggs, pastry bread, burma sweets, dough, chick-roasted peas and Turkish delicacies. In the meantime, families and neighbours begin to visit one other.

People are awake early on March 23rd. They go to the ceilings in fresh clothing and prepare the food in advance. People speak while drinking coffee at the graveyard. All must visit the tombs nearby to have coffee or tea. People join together to have something to eat later. During meals people are playing music and singing folk songs, swings hang from the trees, kites kites known as “Bayrak” (flag).

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In the afternoon, women perform another ceremony called “hak ulestir” by placing appetisers on a big platform. These are offered to people who walk in front of the house, and the recipients sing “I hope it will help the deceased souls.” Following dinner, family members kiss the grave pillars one by one and leave the cemetery.

Neighbors and family continue to eat, drink and converse till morning. In the evening. Everyone’s cheerful during this vacation in Nevruz Festival. The transgressions of other people are pardoned. Participation in the events is obligatory and village inhabitants ostracise those who do not participate.

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