Museum of History and Ethnography in Samsun

Samsun is a lovely city with a calm and pleasant climate, with charming natural beauty and historical sites. It features breathtaking views of the Black Sea, lush green woods, mountains, and springs, making it a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. In both the summer and winter, the weather is wonderful.

Museum of History and Ethnography in Samsun

Samsun, formerly known as Emisos, is a city on the Black Sea coast. It was here that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk declared the Turkish War of Independence in 1919. Its location on the route between Asia and Europe made it a convenient stopover for travellers travelling by air, land, or sea. Many people visit Samsun because of its excellent temperature, which is sunny and humid in the summer and chilly and humid in the winter.

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Samsun’s Museum of History and Ethnography

Museum of History and Ethnography

Samsun Museum, which first opened its doors in 1981, is one of the city’s most popular attractions. It’s a great spot to study about the ancient civilisations that once inhabited the area; objects from the Bronze, Roman, and Greek periods are real witnesses to those times.

Tourists will be able to learn about Emisos’ ruins, an emperor who ruled in the 8th century BC; the museum will include Emisos’ closet, which contains Emisos’ jewellery, clothing, and ancient coins. A crown for one of the Roman Emperors, clay pots, jewellery, valuable stones, and drawings of old palaces are also on display at the museum.

A visit to the museum is a fantastic opportunity to learn about many old lifestyles, allowing the visitor’s imagination to compare and contrast how life was and how it is now.

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