Mount Erciyes: A Volcano in Turkey

With a height of 3916 metres, Mount Erciyes is a volcanic mountain whose peak is perpetually shrouded in snow and fog, and has become synonymous with Kayseri. The Meek people living at its base were so enthralled by this lava-spewing mountain, which is responsible for the ‘fairy-chimney’ rock formations in adjacent Cappadocia, that their coinage bear an image of the mountain with lava spouting out of the top. W. J. Hamilton was the first to reach the peak in 1837, while Miralay Cemil Cahit Bey was the first Turk in 1924.

Mount Erciyes History

Mount Erciyes A Volcano in Turkey

Mt Erciyes, Turkey’s highest mountain, stands at 12,851 feet and is the centrepiece of the country’s Central Anatolia region, which also includes Konya, the spiritual home of whirling dervishes, and Cappadocia, an otherworldly landscape of mushroom-like Fairy Chimneys and other fantastical rock formations formed millions of years ago by Ericyes’ eruptions. The region was formerly a part of the ancient Silk Road, and the mountain has long been associated with the region, even featuring on old coins.

Ericyes is well-known among mountain climbers, with W.J. Hamilton being the first to reach the summit in 1837 and Miralay Cemil Cahit Bey being the first Turk to do so in 1924. It’s also become a skiing destination in recent years, with dozens of blue, red, and black diamond slopes.

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Things to Do at Mount Erciyes Turkey

Mount Erciyes A Volcano in Turkey (2)

Erciyes Ski Center, which opened in 2011, brought “cultural skiing” to Central Anatolia, a term referring to the resort’s closeness to Cappadocia, where you can stay in a cave hotel, shop for handmade ceramics, and—if you’re a woman—leave a cut of your hair (and endless DNA) in the Chez Galip Hair Museum (a Guinness Book of World Records-listed museum) for posterity and a chance to win a prize The resort contains both ski and snowboard runs, as well as contemporary facilities such as gondola lifts and snow-making equipment.

And including snow sports and climbing, Mount Erciyes is a great place to go hiking or trekking, and there is even a dedicated camping area. There are guided trekking and climbing expeditions, as well as mountain bike excursions and ATV safaris, available.

Mount Erciyes is located between 10 and 15 miles south of Kayseri, one of Turkey’s most Islamic cities and a carpet-producing centre. If you’re looking for libations or hookah smoking, Cappadocia is the place to go. Nonetheless, Kayseri is a fantastic base for the region’s outdoor sports and is only a few minutes’ drive from Erkilet International, the region’s primary airport.

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