Here are the most popular islands in Turkey

Pen Island

When you think of island vacations, you might think of the Greek islands, but you can also vacation on some of most popular islands in Turkey without travelling too far or spending a lot of money. We’ve put together a list of the top choices that tourists will enjoy the best.

Cunda Island

Cunda Island

Ali Bey Island, located in Balikesir’s Ayvalik district, is one of the most popular islands for small groups of vacationers. Cunda Island, which can be visited over the weekend due to its proximity to Istanbul, is one of the most popular islands in Turkey for those looking to relax and eat well. Cunda Island, the most popular of the Ayvalik Islands group in the summer and winter, is known for its tiny alleyways, boutique hotels, turquoise sea, and cafes.

Ceir Island

Ceir Island most popular islands in Turkey

Ceest Island, one of Marmaris’ most picturesque islands, is known to tourists as Cleopatra Island. Cedir Island, known for its white sands imported for Cleopatra, is accessible by boat. Ceyr Island is called after ceest trees, which were once plentiful on the island but are now extinct. The most notable elements are the sea and sapsari sand, both of which are blue and turquoise in hue.

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Pen Island

Pen Island

Kalem Island, one of Izmir’s most popular islands, is situated in the Dikili region of the city. Many people are unaware of Kalem Island, one of Turkey’s most attractive tourist islands. Because of its sparkling transparent sea and turquoise coast, it is known as the Aegean Sea’s Maldives. Water sports are available on Kalem Island in addition to the sea, sand, and sun.

Bozcaada, Canakkale

Bozcaada, Canakkale most popular islands in Turkey

The third-largest city in Turkey. In terms of tourism, the island of Bozcaada is one of the most popular islands in Turkey. With colourful blossoming stone structures, local markets, souvenir bazaars, regional dishes, and breakfasts prepared with fresh goods, Bozcaada, which is one of the first three islands that come to mind in our country when it comes to islands, you can have a lot with a modest budget.

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