Horse Riding in the Land of Red Fairies in Narman

With new developments and facilities in the area, the red fairy chimneys with outstanding buildings in eastern Turkey are poised to host tourists. The Narman Fairy Chimneys, a stunning cluster of tall, cone-shaped rock formations also known as the “Land of the Red Fairies,” is planned to attract visitors with new initiatives that reflect its geological features and appearance. The provincial government and the metropolitan municipality collaborated on the initiatives.

land of red fairies

The 12-canyon location, which is situated in the Narman area of the eastern Erzurum province, is also notable for its similarity to the Cappadocia region in central Turkey.

The construction of red fairy chimneys took millions of years, and they resemble the Grand Canyon of the Colorado Valley in the United States in terms of structure and colour. Bicycle, horse, quad bike safari, and walking trails are accessible for adventure seekers in the 62-kilometer (38.5-mile) valley that encompasses these chimneys.

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The fairy chimneys were added to the UNESCO World Temporary Heritage list in 2012, and tourists were allowed to see them in 2010. Governor Okay Memis told Anadolu Agency that tourists should come see the grandeur of the Narman Fairy Chimneys, which are easy to reach and offer a unique view of natural treasures.

The fairy chimneys in Erzurum’s Narman area, which attract attention with their red colour and unusual shapes, greet visitors. Despite the fact that the end of December is nearing, there is no snow on the ground, and visitors love riding through the ‘land of red fairies.’

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has designated the Narman district, which consists of 12 different valleys spanning 62 kilometres, as a natural site.

The land of red fairies began to draw local and foreign tourists with social facilities erected in the region because of their likeness to the Colorado Canyon in America. Horse safaris are also available for visitors who wish to explore the Narman fairy chimneys, which are known locally as “land of red fairies” due to their red hue and unusual shapes. Despite the fact that it is the end of December, visitors in the region enjoy a safari and take plenty of photographs.

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Horse Riding in the Land of Red Fairies Narman District

With his sister Rabia and 5-year-old son Doukan Alp, Cem Sultan Topuz, who lives in yoldere village, rides the visitors that come to the region. Topuz said that with the start of the tourist season, they will expand the number of horses and service with the carriage, stating that they offer horse safaris for local and foreign tourists in peribacas.

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