Kastamonu Turns over the New Colors of Autumn

Kastamonu, formerly Castamon, is a Turkish city in north-central Turkey. It is located near the Gök River (ancient Amnias). The city is located south of the thickly populated Black Sea coastal plain, in a sparsely populated high basin. Kastamonu has a sugar factory and is famed for its copper cookware. A modest museum and a teacher training institution are located in the city.

Kastamonu Turns over the New Colors of Autumn

The trees around Ilgaz Mountain and the Sphere Mountains, as well as Karaçomak Creek, which runs through the city, give Kastamonu a special beauty in the autumn. Autumn joins the everyday hustle and bustle of inhabitants walking down the stream, surrounded by a riot of yellow, green, brown, red, and pink colours formed by sycamores, linden, poplars, and trees of other species.

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The city of Kastamonu, according to Mayor Rahmi Galip Vidinlioglu, was once a starboard principality. Vidinlioglu, noting out that the city is ancient, said:

“When you come from Ilgaz, you see a riot of color. Red-ringing leaves, trees that turn yellow from green… It’s a place with a lot of biodiversity. Kastamonuis the only province with 3 national parks. Ilgaz, Sphere Mountains and Istiklal Road national parks. It has such a large endemic structure that you can find almost any type of tree here.”

Kastamonu Turns over New Colors of Autumn

“We have greenery on both sides and a stream flowing through the middle. Our water’s clean. Kastamonu’swinter is separate, spring is separate, summer is beautiful. When you enter the city, you feel its wonderful spiritual air. You’ll befilled with peace. This is the capital of peace. The cleanest city in Turkey. You have so many reasons for kastamonu to travel and see, we are waiting for everyone.”

One of the city’s citizens, Ekrem Köseoglu, stressed the importance of kastamonu in the fall, saying:

“People are walking here. Autumn in Kastamonu is beautiful. Every season is beautiful in Kastamonu.”

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