Things to Do and See in Karakoy Istanbul

It is situated just across the old town from Karaköy, next to Galata Bridge and down the famous homonymous Tower. Karakoy Istanbul extends from the Golden Horn banks to the Bosphorus. The first sign of development goes back to the Byzantine Empire, which means that it is one of the city’s most historic and important sites. Still an Istanbul condensate with people living near to each other.

The dominant role of the port and economic centre of Constantinople was already given to him in the 13th century. The area populated by the Genoese was constructed by an Italian city model at that time. The harbour grew fast, becoming one of Europe’s largest. Throughout its history, he greeted several populations, including Jewish, Greek or Russian, that have fled war or other tragedies. It was a prosperous and bustling business region.

Things to Do and See in Karakoy Istanbul

In Karakoy, visits to century-old mosques and sites dating back to the Genoese era are included in things to do. The architectural changes of the Ottoman Empire were also seen in Karakoy in the 19th century.

Art Exhibition (Istanbul Modern)

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

One of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Istanbul would be unfinished without significant art and Karaköy is hidden between its various streets in many modest art galleries. Among our favourites is Istanbul Modern, the main hub of modern art in the city as well as artSümer, a modest but valuable art gallery. Go to the Schneidertempel Art Gallery, a synagogue founded in 1894 and renovated into an art gallery in 1998. For something bit distinct.

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Turkish Orthodox Patriarchate

Turkish Orthodox Patriarchate

The Autocephalous Turkish Orthodox Patriarchate is the spiritual centre of the Eastern Christians and is autonomous of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate. It was established by a Greek priest and his disciples, who helped the Turkish army during the Independence War, under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s authorization. This patriarchy is not well recognised, although a church is in Karakoy Istanbul, and many interesting icons and decorations are visible within the church.

Banks Street

Banks Street Karakoy Istanbul

The financial centre used to be Banks Street (Bankalar Caddesi) during Ottoman years. Ottoman citizen and foreign traders erected structures that helped the neighbourhood develop a European style of the city such as Prague or Paris. Some of these buildings today are owned by institutions such as Is Bankasi and the Central Bank of Turkey. The buildings, Sumerbank and Ottoman Bank have been turned into luxury hotels by Turkey’s historical groups. In the middle of the street you can also view Salt Galata, an art centre, one of the most stunning buildings on this street.

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Explore SALT

Explore SALT Karakoy Istanbul

The structure that houses SALT is not only stunning, but the modern art institution also boasts its own research library, art gallery, café, restaurant, bookshop and museum. We have heard that Wireless is quite quick in the event you need some work done, and you may stay at SALT all day.

Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque

Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque

It’s good to go to Karakoy Istanbul from the Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque, close to Tophane Tram Station. This mosque was designed by renowned architect Sinan, one of Ottoman classical achievements. This is a historic edifice that is remarkable. The Mosque was established in the 16th Century under the name of Admiral Kilic Ali Pasha. In the beginning Ali Pasha was an Italian and, following the valour and victory of the fight, became a major admiral to the Ottoman Empire with the title of ‘Kilic.’

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