An Excavation House will be Built in Karahantepe

In Sanliurfa Karahantepe, a welcome centre and excavation house will be built. Excavation work that contributes to the region’s tourism aims to both address the needs of visitors and develop a modern environment where they can learn about the area.

An Excavation House will be Built Karahantepe

In Sanliurfa, a welcome center and excavation house will be developed in Karahantepe, the site of the Neolithic Age’s rich cultural assets.

Acting Chairman of the Gap Regional Development Administration (BMI), Mehmet Açgöz, stated that investments in tourism have been made as part of the gap region tourism oriented promotion and branding project, which was launched in order to bring the region’s rich cultural heritage to tourism and ensure regional development.

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Açgöz explained that the SoutheastErn Anatolia Region has a unique geographical location with a rich cultural legacy, and that they are working to assess this potential with a focus on tourism. They claim to support 9 cities in the region as part of the project’s scope. Açgöz added:

“Our aim is to ensure that the region serves tourism with its historical heritage, natural structure, gastronomy and cultural structure. We want to gather our 9 provinces under one roof and ensure a sustainable tourism mobility. For this purpose, we have created the Mesopotamian brand.”

An Excavation House will be Built Karahantepe (2)

Açgöz remarked that the ruins, which are said to be 11 thousand years old, will receive greater attention in the future, emphasising that Karahantepe, where notable Neolithic works are located, has grabbed the interest of the entire globe. Açgöz noted that major items have been uncovered in the region’s three-year-long excavations, and that they have opted to assist Karahantepe. Açgöz added:

“We support the efforts to support physical investments in tourism in the region. We will support the creation of a modern venue where both the needs of the visitors will be met and information about the area will be given.”

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