Izmit Turkey: A Popular Tourist Attraction

With gorgeous sea views, stunning mountain areas, and lush meadows sprinkled along its flanks, the picturesque city Izmit Turkey is one of most outstanding tourist destinations. Izmit’s geographic location provides aesthetic dimensions, with panoramic views of the Marmara Sea. Its close proximity to Istanbul (one hour and a half) made it a popular tourist destination for Istanbul visitors.

Izmit Turkey, which is modelled on Nicomedia’s historical old Roman city, has many Roman-era historical monuments and attractions, is also rich in monuments that fascinate history buffs. Izmit’s attractions are diverse, with museums and parks, forests and hills, coasts and sea beaches catering to a wide range of preferences. It features a diverse selection of shopping centres that house the most well-known local and international brands.

Izmit Bay

Izmit Bay

With a strategic location on the eastern side of the Marmara Sea, Izmit Bay is one of the city’s most well-known attractions. It is bordered on the north by the Kocaeli Plateau and on the south by the Samanli Mountains. Izmit Bay is 48 kilometres long, 2 to 10 kilometres broad, 300 kilometres long, and 183 metres deep.

Izmit is located at a crossroads of major highways, making it easy to get to and enjoy its attractions. It has a seaport that facilitates transportation between Izmit and other regions.

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Cengiz Topel Airport

Cengiz Topel Airport

Visitors can access Izmit via air as well as land and sea methods. Cengiz Topel Airport is the closest airport to the city. Ankara Esenboga International Airport, which opened in November 2011, is a terminal from which you may fly to many parts of Turkey. The climate of Izmit is a mix of Mediterranean and Black Sea climates, with scorching summers and minimal rainfall, and pleasant winters.

Izmit has a maximum temperature of 44.1°C and a minimum temperature of -18.0°C. The average annual temperature of Izmit is 14.8°C, with annual rainfall ranging from 768 to 1,153 ml depending on the location.

How to Get to Izmit Turkey

Izmit Turkey

Izmit’s geographical situation is unique, with a beautiful view of the Sea of Marmara. In the Marmara Sea region, it is officially associated with the Municipality of Kocaeli, which connects the Asian and European continents. Izmit is a coastal city located on one of the most major Asian-European trade routes. Kandira is to the north, Adapazari is to the east, Kartepe is to the south, Izmit Bay is to the south-west, and Direnis is to the west.

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