Best Istanbul Art Galleries to Visit while You are in Turkey

Istanbul is one of the world’s largest cities, having a long and incredible history. The city, formerly known as Constantinople, has long been a cultural centre. Istanbul is one of Europe’s cultural hotspots right now. The galleries in this city, which are often seen as a bridge between Western and Eastern culture, exhibit the work of some of the most intriguing artists from Turkey and beyond. Let’s look at some of the best Istanbul art galleries.


Arter Istanbul Istanbul art galleries

The exhibition is simply titled “Space for Art.” Arter is a well-known young artist in Istanbul’s contemporary art scene. The art centre was once housed in a nicely refurbished palace on Istanbul’s famous Istiklal Street, and is now located in the Dolapdere area of Beyolu. It’s spacious, bright, and well-lit, and it’s more akin to a studio than a museum. It hosts a variety of exhibitions featuring video, paintings, and sculptures.


Dirimart Istanbul art galleries

Dirimart, located just 150 metres from Arter features the work of both young and famous Turkish artists as well as well-known foreign figures. It has established itself as one of Istanbul’s premier galleries, routinely participating in national and international art fairs. In 2016, Dirimart, is one of the best galleries, expanded with a new location created by famous architect Markus Dochantschi. It’s a lovely spot with a lot of contemporary art.

Apel Gallery

Apel Gallery Istanbul art galleries

Apel Gallery represents both foreign and Turkish young contemporary artists. The gallery, which founded in 1998, is known for its thematic shows that bring together the work of a variety of artists. Apel feels both modern and historic, set in a magnificent room with rustic brick, wood, and metal surfaces. Nuran Terzioglu, the gallery’s founder and owner, was previously the gallery director of Ankara Tanbay and Urart Art Galleries. She is a well-known character in Istanbul’s contemporary art scene.

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Istanbul Biennial

Istanbul Biennial

The Istanbul Biennial, which began in 1987, strives to bring together artists from many cultures and traditions. It is now regarded as one of the world’s most significant biennials. The event, which follows the exhibition concept, allows for conversation between artists and the public and serves as an essential venue for modern art.

Pera Museum

Pera Museum

Pera Museum is housed in a splendid 19th-century structure on Meşrutiyet Avenue, which also houses the famous Pera Palace, at a location that rivals Istanbul’s Istiklal Street in terms of architecture. The museum is noted for its broad and top-notch temporary exhibitions by artists from all over the world, such as Pablo Picasso, Fernando Botero, and Marc Chagall, as well as its considerable collection of Orientalist paintings, Anatolian weights and measures, and Ottoman tiles and ceramics. In addition, the Pera Museum, one of the best Istanbul art galleries, offers an in-house cinema.

Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern is one of the most visited Istanbul contemporary art galleries, housed in a converted warehouse in the Karaköy area. Though it is now housed in a temporary location, it will relocate once Galataport’s permanent presentation is built. The art museum not only exhibits modern Turkish art history, but also other international exhibitions. A Cinema Center is also housed in the gallery, with an emphasis on young talent in the Turkish film industry.


Elipsis art gallery Istanbul art galleries

Elipsis, among the best Istanbul art galleries, specialises in photography and is located in the same building as Atelier Elipsis, a fine art printing studio. The gallery takes pride in familiarising collectors with various styles, periods, and methods in order to emphasise the importance of photography in today’s art world. Elipsis represents both established international artists and up-and-coming Turkish photographers.

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Mixer, which is located in the heart of Karaköy, aims to uncover new talents in contemporary art and is the curator of some of the city’s most intriguing exhibitions. It hosts a variety of activities with the goal of making modern art accessible to the general public. Mixer, one of the best art galleries in Istanbul, provides a platform for up-and-coming artists to realize their visions. It hosts a variety of exhibitions in a variety of media, including painting, collage, and photography.


Galerist Istanbul art galleries

Galerist has served as a bridge between Turkish artists and the larger international art scene since its inception in 2001. Galerist hosts a variety of exhibitions in its two Istanbul venues, showcasing the best of contemporary art from both Eastern and Western cultures. Galerist, one of the best Istanbul contemporary art galleries, has a prominent presence in the international art scene, having participated in major international art fairs. They want to start a programme that will reach out to young artists and give a small exhibition space for the international art community.

Rampa Gallery

Rampa Gallery

Rampa Gallery, among the best art galleries, is committed to showcasing cutting-edge artwork in a variety of media as well as funding scholarly research on the artists it represents. It is one of Istanbul’s major galleries, and it concentrates on excellent Turkish painters. It is housed in one of the refurbished Akaretler Row mansions. Rampa aspires to develop a conversation between Turkey and the worldwide art world by establishing continuing cooperation with cultural organisations and placing the works of its artists in prominent private and public collections.

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