Here are the Must-see Attractions in Malatya Turkey

The Hittite, Assyrian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman civilizations all lived in Malatya (land of apricots), which dates back to the 5th century BC. Malatya is made up of 14 cities along the Euphrates River, which are known for its fertile soil, which produces a variety of fruits and vegetables. Malatya is famed for producing the best apricots, with the state exporting dried apricots to 122 countries in 2018 from its 8 million apricot trees, out of a total of 17 million in Turkey! Let’s have a look at the top attractions in Malatya.

Tohma Canyon

Tohma Canyon

Tohma Canyon is a natural valley with massive high rocks and climbing herbs that is beautiful all year. With diverse trees and a river, Tohma Cayi, it catches the attention of both Turkish and foreign visitors. Because of its steepness, the canyon is a popular destination for mountaineers. In addition, it’s a great spot for canoeing and other water sports on the Tohma River, and it’s fantastic for photo possibilities.

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Groove Pond

Groove Pond

The groove pond, also known as Kudret Pond, is located within the Tohma Canyon – one of the top attractions in Malatya. It keeps a steady temperature throughout the year — not exceeding 22°C — despite the changing seasons. As a result, the pond is described as a one-of-a-kind and rare feature. Tourists come to the pond to recover from skin diseases, rheumatism, and joint diseases because the water has therapeutic properties. It elevates one’s mood and brings comfort and peace to the soul.

Gunpinar Falls in Malatya

Malatya Turkey-

Because of its lovely environment in autumn, the Gunpinar Waterfall area in Malatya state, central Turkey, attracts visitors and photographers. The Gunpinar waterfall region, which includes 243 waterfalls and one of the best attractions in Malatya, has been designated as a national reserve by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Directorate of Turkish National Parks.

The waterfall area is 110 kilometres from Malatya and 5 kilometres from Darende, where visitors can enjoy unforgettable moments as water cascades from a height of 40 metres. In the winter, the cold waters remind me of Pamukkale’s frozen waterfalls in Denizli.

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