The local & foreign skiers continue to welcome heliski

The Kackar Mountains, which have become a favourite of local and international skiers due to their proximity to Europe and high-quality snow, continue to welcome heliski aficionados. Heliski is a sport in which skiers are dropped off at the top of the mountain by helicopter and then ski down steep slopes and high slopes. It is practised in a variety of locations across the world.

The local & foreign skiers continue tod welcome 'heliski' (2)-min

This sport has been held in Turkey since 2005 in the Yusufeli district of amlhemşin, Ikizdere, and Artvin, which lies inside the Rize borders of the Kackar Mountains. The heliski activity in the Ayder Plateau and Kackar Mountains in the amlhemşin district is done in collaboration with Turkey-Switzerland.

With the growth of athletes following the Covid-19 pandemic this year, it is planned to open a station in Artvin’s Yusufeli area and Rize’s Ikizdere district next year. Following the completion of technical work in the region, a group of 16 athletes took part in the activity’s first week, which began on January 17th, and a group of 22 athletes took part in the second week, which began on January 24th.

The local & foreign skiersd continue to welcome 'heliski'-min heliski

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Athletes who slide in areas where the snow thickness exceeds 2 metres are given the highest level of protection. Aside from the summits, the competitors also spend time in the snow-covered pine forests, which provides plenty of adrenaline. This year, 370 athletes have been approved for the event, which will run until the end of March.

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