The Wondrous Beauty of Hazım Dağlı Natural Park

With the passage of time, Hazım Dağlı Natural Park, located at an elevation of 1,604 metres in the Yaprakl district of Ankr, began to capture the attention of nature lovers. Citizens who visit the natural park, which is surrounded by yellow pine and meadows, get a taste of nature.

The Wondrous Beauty of Hazım Dağlı Natural Park

The Hazım Dağlı Natural Park, in the Yaprakl plateau of the Yaprakl district of Ankr, has become a famous tourist destination. Citizens visit the natural park at an altitude of 1,604 metres to enjoy nature as the weather warms. Cycling, hiking, and picnics at the 126-hectare nature park allow residents to take in the scenery. Camping is especially popular in Hazm Dal Natural Park, which is flanked by meadows and golden pines.

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Seyit Akçay, a citizen who said that the coronavirus prevented them from leaving the house and that they only became interested in nature after the pandemic ended, stated:

“We could not go out to picnics and recreation areas. We couldn’t go out without a mask, and we couldn’t taste it with a mask. In recent months, we have taken off our masks. We can go to natural areas and see natural wonders. We came to have a picnic, we have a barbecue with our family. Hazım Dağlı Natural Park is one of the most beautiful places of Çankırı. It has an air like the Black Sea climate. There are houses in front of us. I’m very happy here, I come back all the time.”

Hazım Dağlı Natural Park

Büşra Kömürcü, who accompanied her companions to the natural park, stated:

“This process has been very good for us university students. We were constantly spending time between the café, the dorm and the school. Right now, these areas are very good for us to play volleyball and fly kites. This is a process that everyone should appreciate.”

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