Hamidiye Cultural Park Attracts Numerous Tourists

The Hamidiye Cultural Park, which was established in Sivas, has a large number of visitors. The park, where residents go to take advantage of the pleasant weather, comprises 11 registered structures and 22 creative projects. bRegardless of the fact that the official opening was not held, the mediaeval harams in Sivas that were converted into Hamidiye Cultural Park received a large number of tourists.

Hamidiye Cultural Park Attracts Numerous Tourists-

Visitors praised Hamidiye Cultural Park, which was built on a 250,000-square-meter plot in the old Haralar region near the Nuri Demira Airport Junction on the Sivas-Ankara highway. Many people visit the Hamidiye Cultural Park, which was established in the location where the historical harams that raised horses in the palace during the Ottoman sultans’ 2nd Abdulhamid period were restored.

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The park, which is attracting residents to spend a day away from the city’s tension, consists of 11 recognised buildings and 22 unique projects. The area with miniatures of the city’s most prominent historical buildings also draws a lot of interest. Gökhan Köksal, who came to the park with his family to spend a day off, stated:

“We decided to have an event with the children at the weekend. It’s too crowded because people spend the weekend here. We evaluated the beautiful weather in Sivas, where there are limited places to visit. I believe it will attract beautiful tourists.”

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Mahbube Köksal, an appreciator of nature, stated:

“I closely follow the work of our Governor and Mayor of Sivas. You won’t know how time will pass here. It is a place where you will spend a lot of time and leave satisfied.”

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