Gölyaka Culture Park in the city of waterfalls & lakes

Gölyaka Culture Park in the city of waterfalls & lakes

With the arrival of spring, nature lovers’ camping season has begun in the green highlands of Düzce. Camping is a popular activity for nature enthusiasts who visit Gölyaka Culture Park, which has a different beauty in each season. In the spring, Düzce, often known as the “city of waterfalls and lakes,” is a favorite destination for nature enthusiasts. Düzce’s camping season has also begun, with its waterfalls, lakes, and plateaus attracting hundreds of nature enthusiasts each year.

Gölyaka Culture Park in the city of waterfalls & lakes

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Citizens seeking solitude and fresh air flock to the hills to enjoy nature. The Gölyaka Culture Park, which enchants with its scenic splendour, is also a popular hangout for locals. Camping in the 790 thousand square meter park is popular among nature enthusiasts who take advantage of the nice weather. Zeynep Yalçın, who camped in Gölyaka Culture Park with her friends, said:

City of Waterfalls and Lakes

“We came to the camp as students. 46 people camped in Gölyaka Culture Park. We didn’t have any problems in the evening as the campsite was fenced. This is an amazing place with natural beauty. In the evening we can watch the stars from under the trees. In the morning, you can wake up to the sounds of birds. There is Lake Efteni in the region where we are located. You can also visit here. In Gölyaka Culture Park, various activities such as parachute, golf, off-road can be done.”

When the Elmack Mountains’ flowing waters descend from the 120-meter-high rocks of Güzeldere Waterfall Bçk Düzü, they form a waterfall. The valley, covered by enormous beech and hornbeam trees, echoes the voices of the stony, watering rocks. Three different walkways and a stair system lead to the waterfall. Because the platforms are constantly damp, it is vital to pay attention to the warning signals.

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