Eyüp Sultan Mosque: One of the Pilgrimage Centers

Eyüp Sultan Mosque One of the Pilgrimage Centers

The Eyüp Sultan Mosque is situated there. This Mosque is named Hz. Abu Ayyub al-Ensari, a close friend of Muhammad. Mosques and other buildings were constructed alongside the tomb during the Umayyad era at the time Eyyüp al-Ensari, who had taken part in the siege of Istanbul and was buried here, discovered Kabri after Fatih Sultan Mehmed had conquered Istanbul. The region was given his name after it first became known as Eyup Sultan, who revered the Prophet’s associates. One of Istanbul and Turkey’s most significant centres for pilgrimage is this. It is often referred to as the Eyüp Mosque Complex.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque One of the Pilgrimage Centers (2)

During Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror’s rule in 1459, the mosque with the tomb was constructed. It is Istanbul’s first selatin mosque at the same time. The complex-built building community’s madrasa, bathrooms, and buildings did not serve the everyday.

The earthquake that struck Istanbul in 1766, which resulted in several fatalities and extensive property damage, caused significant damage to the Eyüp Sultan Mosque. And now for III. During the Selim era, it was demolished and reconstructed in 1800. (1215).

Eyüp Sultan Mosque Turkey

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The mosque was constructed during a time when Turkish architecture was heavily influenced by Western art, although it is clear that it has some connection to the classical art tradition. Eight supporting kinds make up the main mosque, two of which are the corners of the mihrab at KIBI and six of which have circular parts.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque One of the Pilgrimage Centers

The central dome and eight auxiliary designs, which Mimar Sinan had in mind during the Ottoman era, were employed in the creation of Camin. This instance demonstrates the most recent use of the methodology that Mimar Sinan employed in some of his publications. The paillas’ headers are ornate.

Five domes, each with an oval in the centre, cover the five-chambered last gathering, which is located between the courtyard and the Eyüp Sultan Mosque. A lengthy poem by Arif, composed by nine poets, is displayed on the marble-framed portal and provides background information on the glass’s history. On the west side of the exterior courtyard is where you’ll find the Eyüp Sultan Mosque Hunkar Area.

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