Ergan Mountain Ski Center in Erzincan: Winter Wonderland Beckons

At the Ergan Mountain Ski Center in Erzincan, 32-year-old Hasan Kaval is paragliding. He had breakfast with a friend at the table he fastened the parachute to using a specially made mechanism.

Ergan Mountain Ski Center in Erzincan Winter Wonderland Beckons

In 2021, paragliding pilot Hasan Kaval took to the skies on his motorcycle from Pamukkale’s Dynamite Hill Paragliding Track. Prior to this, he had watched television on the sofa, played backgammon and okey on the parachute.

This time, Kaval ascended to 2,970 meters from Ergan Mountain Ski Center in Erzincan with his friend and had breakfast in the skies.

The Erzincan Governor’s Office posted pictures of Kaval on social media. He was seen eating breakfast on a table that he had attached to his parachute using a specially made mechanism. He also had local items and Erzincan-only tulum cheese.

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Many individuals expressed their enjoyment of the film in the positive comments left on it. Hamza Aydoğdu, the governor of Erzincan, posted the pictures on social media and stated,

“The sound of the wind; the secret of breakfast in the sky.” Taste-wise, it improves tulum cheese. Cheers to you, Hasan Kaval.”

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