Efteni Lake Bird Sanctuary Wears White Dress

Efteni Lake is the central node of an ecological network where the Düzce Plain river network (Aksu, Asar, Uur, Little Melen waters and side creeks) joins and flows into the Black Sea through the Great Melen at the foot of the Elmack Mountain ranges. Efteni Lake is 5 kilometres from the city centre and 25 km from Düzce Centrum, and is located within the limits of Gölyaka, Düzce. With its rich flora and water resources, Efteni Lake and its environs are an important and unusual location on migratory bird migration routes.

Efteni Lake

It was protected and hunting was prohibited by the Ministry of Forestry’s General Directorate of National Parks for the Protection of Game Wildlife in 1922 in order to preserve game and wild animals, to ensure migratory species’ migration routes, to protect and improve their habitats, to take remedial action, and to provide shelter, food, and favourable living conditions. Various biological areas within the protection site, such as reed fields, open water surfaces, swamps, and mud flats, provide shelter for a diverse animal life, particularly water birds.

The Efteni Lake Bird Sanctuary in Duzce’s Lake region was photographed in the snow. A drone captured the area coated in white cover. With around three days of snowfall in the region, the Lake Efteni Bird Sanctuary, which is home to around 150 bird species and is located about 25 kilometres from Duzce city centre, has turned white.

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Efteni Lake Bird Sanctuary Wears White Dress

Visitors to the location, which is on the migratory bird migration path and has abundant flora and water supplies, wander around the lake and take photos of the snow with their cellphone cameras. Drone footage was taken of the location, which has a distinctive vista that is obscured by white cover.

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