Duzce: A Beauty in The West Blacksea Coast

Ankara, which is 240 kilometres distant to the east, and Istanbul, which is 228 kilometres (142 miles) away to the west, are both close to Duzce. Düzce is traversed by D-100 while the TEM Highway around the city.

Duzce turkey

Duzce is situated on a plateau along the west coast of the Black Sea. The provinces of Zonguldak, Sakarya, and Bolu encircle the city to the west, northeast, and east, respectively. North to South is 20 kilometres away and East to West is 23 kilometres away (14 x 12 miles). With the valley of Buyuk Melen on the northwest, it opens to the Black Sea. A number of tourist hotspots and well-known sites, including Abant, Kartalkaya, Yedigoller, and Golcuk, are also nearby.

Although the summers and winters are both chilly and hot, the climate alternates between that of the West Black Sea and that of Central Anatolia. Tobacco, maize wheat, nuts, numerous varieties of wheat, and vegetables are the main agricultural products in Duzce.

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For those who enjoy the outdoors and seek adventure, Duzce’s location is particularly appealing. There are extensive forested areas, plateaus, waterfalls, long seashores, beaches, natural caves, rafting on the Big Melen River, sailing, water sports, and fishing in the Lake of Hasanlar Dam, as well as the Karduz Plateau, which has 150 different species of birds and is always covered in snow.

Duzce A Beauty in The West Blacksea Coast

Drone footage captured all the hues of nature in Düzce just before the conclusion of the autumn season. The colours of nature caught people’s attention as the fall months came to an end and the winter season right before it began, along with the sun that emerged.

A drone showed the vibrant images created by the trees in the forests in the mountains and springs of Düzce. Nature enthusiasts were drawn to the trees’ withering foliage as well as their array of vibrant green leaves.

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